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How to set up App Configurations in macOS devices?

With Hexnode, you can configure basic settings like accounts, logins etc., on apps with the help of app configuration files. These app configuration files are deployed in XML format containing the keys and values to specify the configured settings.


This feature is available only on the Ultra plan.


  • App configurations can be applied to only those apps provisioned with configurations built in by the app developers.

Setting up App Configurations

The steps for pushing app configurations on Mac devices are listed below.

  1. Navigate to the Policies tab on Hexnode portal.
  2. Choose an existing policy or create a new policy by clicking on New Policy.
  3. Provide a suitable name for the policy if New Policy option is chosen.
  4. Select App Configurations from macOS > App Management.
  5. Select Configure option and then click on + Add New Configuration button to choose the app to be configured.
  6. Download the sample XML file to check the format followed in preparing an application configuration file.
  7. Upload the required XML file for the selected app by clicking on Choose File option.
  8. Go to Policy Targets tab and select the devices or device groups to which the policy is to be attached.
  9. Click on Save option.

The sample XML file will be of the format given below:

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