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Allow unattended access to remotely view and control devices with Hexnode UEM

Unattended Remote Access allows IT admins to remotely view and control Windows devices without any interaction from the user at the device end. To enable unattended remote access:

  1. Login to Hexnode UEM portal.
  2. Go to Policies, select an existing policy or click on New Policy to create a new one.
  3. Navigate to Windows > Troubleshooting > Unattended Remote Access and click Configure.
  4. Mark either or both options:
    • Enable unattended remote view
    • Enable unattended remote control
  5. Navigate to Policy Targets, select the required devices and click Save.
  6. Go to Manage, select the device and click on Start Session under Remote View.
  7. Select whether the Hexnode Remote Assist app should run at the User level or the System level.
  8. Mark the Initiate session without user interaction option.
  9. Click Start to begin the Remote View session.
  10. Initiate remote view using unattended access

  11. Click Initiate Remote Control to begin the Remote Control session.
  12. Initiate remote control using unattended access

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