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List of Hexnode subprocessors

To support Mitsogo Inc. (“Mitsogo”) dba Hexnode, in delivering the Hexnode Services as detailed in the SaaS Services Agreement, Hexnode may engage third party subprocessors.

This page provides information about the identity, location and role of each subprocessor. We perform extensive due diligence before engaging any subprocessor and require that subprocessors meet a certain level of data protection under applicable laws and regulations and our own quality standards.

Hexnode works with the following subprocessors in providing the indicated services,

Infrastructure subprocessors

Subprocessors Service performed Purpose of data transfer
Amazon web services Platform hosting & Infrastructure Provisioning and operation of servers and infrastructure services. Hexnode also uses their services like Simple Storage Service for data storing, Simple Queue Service for hosting a message queue service and Lambda service for AAD authentication and dispatching emails.
Cloudflare Infrastructure Provider Cloudflare is an infrastructure provider used for network acceleration, CDN and security. Cloudflare helps Hexnode in providing the required services and effectively manage the network traffic.

Service specific subprocessors

Subprocessors Service performed Purpose of data transfer
SendGrid Mail Service Provider SendGrid and Sendinblue are communication platforms for email services included within Hexnode UEM to send notification emails to admins, other technicians and enrolled users. As well as for dispatching enrollment notifications to end users. Hexnode transfers the attached email IDs and mail content along with any attachments to the mail service providers.
Twilio SMS Service providers These cloud communication platforms are used in Hexnode for transferring enrollment instructions to end users via SMS. Hexnode transfers the phone number configured in the portal along with the end users phone number and the SMS body to the service providers.
Mitsogo Technologies Private Limited Maintenance and technical support Mitsogo Technologies Private Limited assists Hexnode in providing maintenance to Hexnode UEM and assists in providing technical support.

Support service subprocessors

Subprocessors Service performed Purpose of data transfer
Intercom Customer messaging platform Intercom is the customer support platform used by Hexnode for handling customer chat support. Hexnode handovers the users’ email ID, their location and browser details to Intercom during each chat.
HubSpot Customer relationship management HubSpot is a marketing and leads handling tool used by Hexnode in storing the customer details during sign up.

Ticketing subprocessors

Subprocessors Service performed Purpose of data transfer
Zendesk Support management and communication Zendesk Support, their customer service platform has made it easy to track, prioritize and solve customer support tickets. Customer queries in the form of Help Center requests, emails, chat, and social media messages can be set to automatically create support tickets.

Software providers

Subprocessors Service performed Purpose of data transfer
Google Maps Location services Google maps are the Google deployed mapping platform used in Hexnode to find customers’ real-time location on a map (Customers who have enabled location tracking).
Sentry Software provider A software provider used for real-time crash reporting of codes.
StatusCake Monitoring services StatusCake is a monitoring tool used for performance and Hexnode portal down monitoring.
Zabbix Monitoring services Zabbix is an open source monitoring tool incorporated by Hexnode for complete server monitoring.


Subprocessors Service performed Purpose of data transfer
Stripe Payment gateway Stripe is Hexnode UEMs accounting and payment platform for sending invoices and to send and receive payment over the internet. This is associated with Hexnode’s license subscription.
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