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How to Add New Font to iOS devices with Hexnode MDM?

Your own apps, your own wallpaper – Hexnode MDM provide every feature that you need to customize a device. To add to the list of customization options, you have now the choice to add your own font to the device. This section shows you how to add a new font, and delete or modify an existing one.

To add new fonts to iOS devices from Hexnode MDM,

  1. Access Policies.
  2. Continue with an existing policy, or add a new one by clicking on the New Policy button.
  3. From iOS Settings, select Fonts.

There will be only one option available until you add a font file in Hexnode MDM console. And that is Add Font. This option lets you add new fonts to your iOS device. When you click on this option, you’ll be asked to select the

  1. Font name – A name to easily identify the font from a list of fonts.
  2. Font file – Click on this button, choose a font file from your system and upload it to Hexnode MDM. The supported file formats are OTF and TTF.

Once a font is added, you’ll have the following options.

  1. Remove all – appears on top of the list of fonts. This option clears all fonts you’ve uploaded previously.
  2. Edit – This option is displayed on the right of every font you’ve in the list. This option lets you change the display name of the font and upload a new font file (say, an updated file).
  3. Delete – Displayed alongside the Edit option. This is used to remove a particular font from the list.
  4. Add new font to iOS devices with Hexnode MDM

    How to Associate a Policy with Devices, Users or Groups?

    To associate while you are inside the policy configuration screen,

    1. Access Policy Targets tab.
    2. Click + Add Devices, search and add all applicable devices.

    To add a user group, device group or user instead, choose User Groups, Device Groups or Users from the left pane beneath Policy Targets.

    To associate policies if you are taken out of the policy configuration screen,

    1. Check the policies.
    2. From Manage, select Associate Targets.
    3. Select the devices from the list.

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