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How can we ensure security and privacy for Windows devices with UEM?

Security and privacy are a never-ending concern of every IT admin. Organizations are always on the watch for stellar solutions that offer a consistent way to keep the data safe and secure. Hexnode provides a reliable solution to these security and privacy concerns with top-notch policy configurations and actions.

The security policies for Windows include,

  • Passcode policy can be configured to ensure the security and privacy of your users by locking your device with a secure password. This policy also allows you to reset the device to its factory settings if the user fails to enter the correct password a specified number of times.
  • Basic and advanced restrictions policies can limit the functionalities and secure the corporate data on the device. For instance, uncheck the option “Allow MDM administration removal” to prevent users from removing the Hexnode UEM profile from the devices.
  • Required apps policy provides a robust mechanism for remotely deploying apps to end-user devices without any manual intervention.
  • Blocklisting/Allowlisting apps let you identify the presence of non-work-approved apps on the devices. This enables you to implement timely corrective/preventive actions without jeopardizing device security.
  • Configure VPN on the device to establish a secure and encrypted connection over the internet. It allows you to route all the traffic through a specific network ensuring secure remote access to company data.
  • Enable the BitLocker security policy to enforce the full volume encryption of system drives, fixed data drives, and removable drives for data protection.
  • Microsoft Defender policy in Hexnode offers comprehensive, real-time protection against software and malware threats.
  • Kiosk Lockdown policy allows the admin to lock your device to specified apps or websites, which restricts the users from going rogue.
  • The Geofencing policy enables you to set a virtual geographical boundary around an area. This allows you to alter the availability of corporate resources as the device enters and exits this virtual boundary, thus improving corporate data security.
  • Enable Location tracking to periodically track the device’s real-time location and retrieve the complete history of the traversed areas.
  • Compliance configuration enables you to set up a set of corporate criteria that will alert the concerned authority when the device fails to comply.

Actions for Hexnode include,

  • To prevent corporate data from being compromised, use device wipe action to wipe the whole device. Use corporate wipe to remotely wipe only the corporate data on personal devices.
  • Enable remote ring to find a lost Windows device. This will play a sound on the device even if it’s muted.
  • To identify the current location of the device, use the instantaneous location tracking feature in Hexnode.
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