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User Provisioning

The most seamless onboarding experience imaginable

Seamlessly provision users Seamlessly provision users

Seamlessly provision users

User provisioning is, for the most part, all that stands between your employees and secure access to corporate resources. Take the friction out of it and IT’s job is half done. Hexnode lets you offer your employees a quick and seamless way to enroll their devices and get up and running instantly.

Double down on security

Multi-Factor Authentication offers an additional layer of verification for technicians logging in to your Hexnode portal. This way, you can be doubly sure, unauthorized personnel doesn’t get hold of sensitive data. As for the end-users, federated authentication raises the security bar further up by allowing them to use existing credentials for enrollment.

Integrate your identity provider Integrate your identity provider

Integrate your identity provider

Be it Microsoft Active Directory, Azure, Google Workspace or Okta–you can integrate your own on-premises AD or cloud IdP to allow users to enroll with their existing credentials. Offloading the authentication stuff to your Identity Provider means you get to reinforce security and manage devices in peace.

Import your directories

When we talk about import, we don’t just mean users, you can bring in your groups, OUs or even entire domains. Gather all your AD, Azure, Google Workspace and Okta users–you can view them hierarchically right within Hexnode. Scheduled and on-demand syncs ensure you don’t miss any changes in your organization structure.

Enforce group policies

Policies mean nothing unless they can be set across groups in batch, which is why Hexnode lets you deploy settings, restrictions, and apps to your existing directory groups as such. No more one-to-one mapped configurations, you can have fine-grained policies assigned across massive groups and they unmistakably reach devices down to the last smidgen of detail.