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MDM Migration Checklist

The changing needs for your business may demand a change from your current MDM provider to a more robust solution like Hexnode UEM. Although there are no general rules for migration, there are a few things that you must take into consideration while switching your MDM providers. The following is a list of tasks you must follow during the pre-migration, migration and post-migration phases.

Pre-migration checklist – Actions to complete before your migration

The first step towards migration is reviewing the mobile device management needs of your organization. It will be helpful if you could re-evaluate the existing MDM platform and identify the areas that need improvement to properly plan your migration and clearly define a migration strategy.

Action Description
Create the list of devices.
  • Which all OS platforms you need to support?
  • Corporate-owned or personal devices?

Note: Export the device details from your previous MDM console if possible.

Create the list of users.
  • No. of users using a single device.
  • Group users based on their departments or any other criteria.
  • Kind of users – Technical users?

Note: Export the user details and user groups created in your previous MDM console if possible.

Survey users for evaluating requirements.
  • What are the features the users want to access on the managed devices?
  • What are the requirements that were not met by the previous MDM?

Determine what all permissions needed to be granted to the users at this phase.

Define your device management policy.
  • Evaluate whether your current policies meet the device and data security requirements of the organization.
  • Update your policies based on the results from the surveys.
  • Decide what all features you are going to use with the new MDM.
Define your enrollment strategy.
  • Who is going to carry out the enrollment process – employees or in-house IT team?
  • Whether the employees need technical assistance for enrollment?
Create a logical achievable timeline.
  • Identify the right time for migration.
  • Study about the entire process and prepare the migration schedule.
Prepare the end users for the transition.
  • Inform the users about the switching so that they can plan accordingly.
  • Train the users for the enrollment process.
  • Provide them with MDM support documentation to get acquainted with the new vendor.
Back up device data to your preferred cloud service. Store the required data from your devices to a cloud storage service before wiping the devices.
Prepare your devices for migration. Wipe and unenroll devices from the previous MDM.

Migration checklist – Best practices for a successful migration

It’s at this phase that you formally begin transitioning your devices to Hexnode UEM. Learn about the enrollment process and plan your transition using the best possible method. Please make sure that you are on the most suited MDM pricing plan before starting the migration.

Action Description
Sign up for Hexnode UEM and set up the portal.
  • Use the trial period to explore the features.
  • Learn about the pricing plans and the set of features available with each plan.
  • Choose the plan that’s best suited for you.
Create technicians and assign roles. If you have multiple technicians to manage your MDM portal, create additional technicians and assign them roles.
Configure MDM settings. Prior to enrollment, configure the admin settings like email settings, SMS settings and many more.
Integrate directory services. Integrate AD and Azure AD to import users and groups for easy enrollment and policy assignment.
Migrate tokens and sync your accounts with MDM.
  • Migrate DEP and VPP tokens.
  • Configure G Suite, Android Enterprise, Samsung KME, and Android ZTE.
Send enrollment requests to users (if enrollment is done by users).
  • Send enrollment instructions to users in bulk via email by uploading the user details as a CSV file.
  • Give a deadline for completing the enrollment process.
Enroll devices. Choose automatic enrollment options or any other enrollment methods to get the devices enrolled.
Track device enrollment.
  • Check your Hexnode MDM portal to see the list of enrolled devices.
  • Schedule reports for receiving the list of users enrolled with Hexnode UEM via email.

Helps in finding out the users who have been invited but not enrolled.

Post-migration checklist – Tasks to perform after your MDM migration

It is important to ensure that all devices are migrated from your previous MDM solution to Hexnode UEM. Conduct a survey after the migration to get user feedback on the new MDM vendor. Your MDM migration can be said to be successful only after completing these post-migration tasks.

Action Description
Check device inventory. Access the scheduled reports and compare them with the device details exported from the previous MDM console to find out the devices which are still not enrolled, if any.
Unsubscribe the services of the old MDM.
  • Retire the previous MDM provider.
  • Notify the users about the deactivation so that any of the users who continue using the services can migrate to Hexnode UEM.
Configure devices. Apply management policies to the devices.
Conduct surveys to collect user feedbacks.
  • Collect feedback from the users to identify issues and new requirements.
  • Troubleshoot issues with the assistance from the MDM support team.