Active Directory Integration

Management made simpler

Management made simpler

Seamlessly integrate Active Directory and sync all your users, groups and OUs for easy enrollment and policy assignment.



Hexnode lets you enroll and access a list of active directory users directly from the MDM console.



Apply corporate policies and restrictions straight to existing users, groups or organizational units.



Monitor active directory users using comprehensive reports on users and user devices.

Hexnode gels well with many enterprise integrations like Active Directory
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Active Directory

Active Directory (AD) is a Microsoft product that helps manage directories, or hierarchical structures, for management of objects. Objects can range from users to devices and are categorized by their names and attributes. AD provides access to these data to network users and administrators. Apart from the domain services AD provides multiple services like LDAP, which makes querying and modifying data in the AD a breeze. AD also provides a choice of authentication packages, between SSL or Kerberos, to ensure maximum security.

Multiple AD domains can be managed with Hexnode UEM
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Hexnode UEM and Active Directory

Hexnode with Active directory paves way to efficient management with some of the many features mentioned below.

  • Easy access to data

    Configure LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) for accessing and modifying active directory content.

  • Convenient user reports

    Always be in the know with reports on all Active Directory users and the status of enrollment.

  • Instant access with wildcards

    Fetch user-based data such as username, password and device id, from Active Directory, dynamically with wildcards.