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Work from anywhere in the word

With the corporate data secured so well, it doesn’t require employees to be chained to office cubicles anymore.
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Reduce IT costs

The Company no longer needs to provide devices nor pay for the maintenance expenses, without dropping security for even a second.
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Efficient segregation of devices

Precise management based on ownership – Corporate or personal, without intruding unreasonably but ever so secure.

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Device Enrollment

Device Enrollment

Enrolling corporate and personal devices together can be a bit of fuss. You need to be able to handle them separate even right from enrollment. Hexnode MDM makes enrolling corporate and personal devices equally simple. While sending out enrollment requests, you can pre-select whether a device is user owned or corporate owned. If you want the user to make the choice, you can leave it to the user as well.
Device Restrictions

Device Restrictions

Enterprises need to be able to restrict certain features or applications on the user devices in accordance with their policy. Hexnode MDM lets you set and manage restrictions to access various device features that may compromise privacy and security. You can disable camera, facetime, youtube, safari; limit the functionalities of Siri, Gamecenter, iCloud and enforce a host of other device restrictions. Policies can be set with multiple device restrictions and associated to individual devices, users or groups.
Device Configuration

Device Configuration

Accessing the corporate WiFi, VPN, and email requires configuring complex settings on individual devices which can be quite difficult for the end user to perform manually. Smart policy and configuration allows administrators to configure these settings easily and then deploy it centrally to all the enrolled devices. You can configure Activesync, LDAP, CalDAV, CardDAV, Calendar, Webclips and more. Remote configuration is more significant in case of a personal device, when you no longer have access to the device. Hexnode MDM lets you configure device settings without user intervention and remove them when the user leaves or the device retired.
Security and Compliance

Security and Compliance

Enjoy real time visibility and control over Bring Your own Device (BYOD) across the enterprise. Devices need no manual compliance checks, auto compliance ensures they are continuously monitored for compliance. Get reports on Non-compliant devices, Jailbroken devices, Devices with blacklisted apps, those without passcode, inactive devices and more. Securing non-compliant devices don't get any simpler either. You receive instant reports with the exact compliance issues and can take quick actions to resolve them.

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