Android kiosk browser – The Secure browser from Hexnode

Make Kiosks more flexible than ever by allowing web browsing on locked down devices


Safely browse the web, without exiting the Kiosk mode


Added security

Restrict browsing to a handful of whitelisted websites in Kiosk mode.

Easy setup

Whitelist the URLs then push to the devices and you’re done.

Controlled browsing

Devices can be restricted to a few websites rather than just a few apps making kiosk more flexible than ever.

Ramp up your security with browser lock down

  • Web based kiosk: Restrict the kiosk devices to a few websites rather than just a handful of apps. Kiosk browser provides a secure browsing experience to the users.
  • Auto launch: The specific website can be set as default such that it will open automatically upon device boot.
  • Open web apps: No need to add non-secure browsers to open the web apps anymore. Hexnode Kiosk browser makes sure that only these websites can be opened from the device.
  • URL blacklisting/ whitelisting: You can restrict access to URLs by blacklisting them or you can restrict the browsing to few whitelisted URLs alone.
  • Disable notifications: When in kiosk mode, the device notifications can be disabled, preventing access to other apps by clicking on the notifications.
  • Multi tab browsing: Hexnode kiosk browser enables multi tab browsing for every web app that is added to the kiosk.
  • Restrict peripherals: Peripherals like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi etc can be restricted in the Kiosk mode.
  • Remote management: Every kiosk browser set up like adding web apps, whitelisting or blacklisting URLs etc can be done completely over the air.
  • Disable soft keys and physical buttons: The soft keys and hard keys can be disabled in the kiosk mode, which in turn, prevents users from exiting the webpage that is currently in display.
  • Custom web view: Hexnode Kiosk browser provides fast and efficient but controlled custom view in the Kiosk mode.

Show off your website on the secure Kiosk browser

    Display your website in Android devices quite easily with Hexnode’s Android Kiosk Browser.
  • Display ads
  • Display images
  • Display videos
    The best part? You can change the displays in the Kiosk whenever and wherever you want, remotely .
Exhibit your website in Android Kiosks

Lock-down your devices to specific URLs

  • Web apps and
  • Whitelisted URLs

Lock-down your devices to specific URLs

  • Web apps and
  • Whitelisted URLs

Lock-down your devices to specific URLs

    Set the limits of your Android devices to
  • Web apps and
  • Whitelisted URLs
    Access to specific websites and web apps can be provided right within the safety of the Kiosk environment. Whitelisting the web apps and URLs in the kiosk policy will create shortcuts on the kiosk home screen.

Empower your businesses with Android Kiosk browser


The mobile devices used for learning can be now restricted to a few useful websites along with apps. The learning doesn’t have to be restrained to just apps alone. The websites that helps learning processes can be Whitelisted in the Kiosk browser easily.


The maps can be Whitelisted in the Kiosk browser and the device can be used for navigation purpose alone. This can be used to customize navigation hardware pieces in the transportation sector.


The kiosks can be used as self service kiosks to generate tokens in hospitals or a display for new medicines in a pharmacy make life of the patients and help desk personnel easy. The users can easily operate the kiosk because basically it’s a webpage.


: In the movies and other entertainment fields, the movie trailers or other videos can be displayed on big screen just by adding a webpage with the video to the Kiosk browser.


The website with menus, recipes, feedback portal and order placement portal placed on every station will enable smooth functionality in restaurants, all with the help of the kiosk browser.


The ever expanding field of advertisement finds immense usage with Kiosk browser. Any ads can be displayed anywhere, anytime remotely just by whitelisting a website with the ad.

Digital signage

The digital signs that are used everywhere like corporate buildings, exhibitions, fares, waiting stations etc can be controlled very easily and remotely with Hexnode’s Kiosk browser.

Public information boards and data gathering

The public information display for news, advertisement, weather and portals for data collection can be set up simply by adding the website to the kiosk mode.


The small kiosks for navigation or way finding are used mainly in tourist spots, malls, museums etc. The corresponding webpage can be displayed instead of developing a new app for the purpose.

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