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Secure browsing with Hexnode kiosk browser

Hexnode android kiosk browser

Restricted browsing

You can restrict access to URLs by blacklisting them or you can restrict the browsing to few whitelisted URLs alone.

Auto launch web apps

The specific website can be set as default such that Hexnode browser will open it automatically upon device boot.

Web based kiosk lockdown

Lockdown kiosk devices to a few websites rather than just a handful of apps. Kiosk browser lockdown provides a secure browsing experience to the users.

Multi tab browsing

Hexnode kiosk browser enables multi tab browsing for every web app that is added to the kiosk lockdown. Swipe on the address bar to switch between web apps.

Hexnode android kiosk browser

Remote management

Every kiosk browser lockdown set up like adding web apps, whitelisting or blacklisting URLs etc can be done completely over the air.

Complete lockdown

The soft and hard keys can be disabled in kiosk lockdown mode, which in turn, prevents users from exiting the webpage that is currently in display.

Lock down to specific URLs

Set the limits of your Android devices to Web apps and Whitelisted URLs with Hexnode Browser blocking everything beyond them.

Safe browsing

Access to specific websites and web apps can be provided right within the safety of the kiosk lockdown environment.

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