1. Device Groups

Device Groups

The purpose of grouping devices is to manage them by applying configurations and policies in

The device group is a collection of devices which share some logical behavior.

Generally, devices/users are grouped based on the department, type of device or any other
parameters of the device. A device can be associated to multiple groups. When you apply multiple
policies to a device, then the most restrictive settings of all the policies will get applied.


There are two types of grouping available to manage the mobile devices.

Custom grouping

Follow the steps below to create a custom group:
1. Go to management tab.
2. Click on device groups.


3. Click on New group.
4. Mention the name and description.
5. Now you need to browse and select the devices under the group, clicking on add devices.
6. Once devices are added, save the group details.

In custom groups we need to add the devices manually.

Dynamic grouping

Dynamic grouping allows you to define criteria according to the device functionality or
ownership. The devices matching to that criteria will be added to the application dynamically.
Follow the steps below to create a dynamic group

1. Go to Management tab.
2. Click on Device Groups.
3. Click on add New group.
4. Mention the name and description.
5. Choose the criteria from the drop down list.
6. Save the group details.


7. Click on show devices will list all the devices which match that criteria.
8. Choose the devices and add them to the group.
9. Save the group settings.


Note: You can add multiple criteria to the group. You can also choose if it should match all the
criteria or any one of the criteria.