Mobile Content Management Solution

Secure content distribution and management, remotely.


The security module dedicated for work content

Remote content distribution

Any content of any size can be distributed to any folder in the device, may it be of any file type (.pdf, .mov, jpeg...)

On-premise and cloud

Works the same in both on-premise and cloud version of Hexnode MDM.

Data Loss Prevention

The enterprise data is protected from any type of threats by providing only necessary and limited access

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Enterprise Content Distribution

The extent of security enforced by the enterprises over their work devices is never whole until the content in those devices is dealt with. Hexnode MDM enables secure distribution and management of corporate content in mobile devices with its Content Management solution. The main advantage of this solution is the total independence on third-party sources for content access. The enterprises can push any type of content from the MDM console and it will show up on the employee devices. It’s as simple as that. No more waiting around for download links. This mode of content distribution comes with a lot of advantages. Enterprises can keep a clear track on who has what content with this Content Management solution from Hexnode. Contents can be updated any time and all the changes will be reflected in the devices automatically. With the regularly updated content and with all the right tools for work, the employees can become more productive.

Securing Enterprise Data

Any work related content in the mobile devices are prone to attack at any time. The use of personal devices for work is a high risk to the enterprise data. The only solution for these threats is to containerize the work data from personal data. This will prevent any possibilities for data loss. Mobile Content Management solution from Hexnode MDM includes the following features for data security

  • Android for Work : For containerizing the work apps and data from personal data
  • Device encryption for preventing unauthorized access to the data even when stolen (FileVault in macOS)
  • Preventing sharing of data between devices or even apps via Bluetooth or clipboard functions

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