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Getting Started with Dynamic Group and Automation

Automation is one of the robust features in an MDM that will help you manage your devices with ease. With automation, you can reduce the time and effort you put to make things happen in your device management solution. Hexnode offers a range of automated features ranging from device enrollment to scheduling device reports.

Dynamic Groups

Unlike custom device groups, the movement of devices in and out of the dynamic device group is based on certain criteria. For example, consider a dynamic group of all compliant devices, all these devices which satisfies the criteria will get automatically added to the group, if any of those member devices loose compliance they will be removed from the group in the next periodic sync. This sufficiency of minimal manual effort makes dynamic grouping more desirable than manual grouping.


  • Automatic sorting of devices to groups.
  • Automatic association of policies based on specified criteria.

Follow the link below to know more on dynamic grouping.

Creating dynamic device groups

DEP enrollment

Device Enrollment Program is an automated device enrollment method by which Apple Devices can be automatically deployed to an MDM solution.

Learn more about the device enrollment program via the following link.

DEP enrollment

Pre-approved enrollment

You can enroll your Android or iOS device in Hexnode via the pre-approved enrollment. This is a method to pre-configure Hexnode policies to the device prior to actual device enrollment initiation. This way, when a device gets enrolled, policies will get attached to devices immediately after the rollout.


Pre-approved enrollment is not an automated enrollment procedure. But once enrolled, the policies automatically take effect on the devices. You have to follow the iOS or Android enrollment procedure to complete the enrollment process.

Learn more about pre-approved enrollment via the following link.

Hexnode Pre-Approved enrollment

Geofencing policy

Geofencing is a location based-service by which access to corporate resources can be allowed/denied based on the current location of enrolled devices.


  • Automatically group devices and apply configurations.
  • Restrict corporate resources to devices based on the device location.

To know more about geo-fencing policy, follow the below link.

Geofencing policy

Location Tracking

With Hexnode you can periodically collect the location details of an iOS, Android and Windows devices. This policy remedies the administrators from manually collecting the location details of individual devices every time they need it.

Use the following link to know more about Hexnode Location Tracking Policy.

Location tracking policy

Scheduled reports

You can receive periodic reports on device events at specific intervals via email through Hexnode’s Scheduled Reports.

To know more about Hexnode Scheduled Reports go through the link below.

Scheduled Reports