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What are the advantages of using Hexnode in Custom ROM devices?

Custom ROM configured Android devices gives you the privilege of enhancing performance and unlocking additional features on your device. Custom ROM enables you to quickly update your device to the latest Android versions, customize the look and feel of your phone, remove bloatware, and other features that make the device more enterprise worthy. In order to avail the full management privileges on your Android device, grant the permissions required for Hexnode MDM app.


  • The device must be set up with custom ROM with Hexnode MDM as a system app in order to get all the permissions and privileges.

In case of a custom ROM flashed mobile device enrolled in the MDM, the Hexnode MDM app must be re-signed by the OEM vendor every time an app update is available. To avoid difficulties in manually downloading and re-signing every new update, it is highly recommended to use Hexnode System Agent App.

  • The System Agent App must be signed by the OEM vendor while the Hexnode MDM App should be left unsigned.

Advantages in Custom ROM devices

With Hexnode MDM as a system app on custom ROM configured devices, you can enjoy various benefits on your devices which are listed below:

  1. Silent App Installation – Hexnode allows you to silently push apps to your custom ROM configured devices. The apps will be installed without showing any prompts on the device.

    • Only enterprise apps can be pushed silently on Android devices.
    • Hexnode gets the privilege of silent app installation only if the Hexnode MDM APK file is stored in the system/priv-app folder.

  2. Uninstalling Apps – Hexnode MDM App lets you remove unwanted apps present on your device. App uninstallation will be silent in such devices.
  3. App Upgrading and Downgrading – Apps can be silently updated using Hexnode MDM app. To downgrade an app, navigate to Policies tab and select Enforce App Downgrade from Android > Security > OS updates.
  4. Enforce App Downgrade from OS updates as Security option in custom ROM enrolled Android devices

  5. Remote Actions – Various remote actions such as power off and reboot options can be executed without the intervention of the user.
  6. Lost Mode Activation – In case if the device gets lost or stolen, Hexnode allows you to boot up your device in Lost Mode to ensure more security. In Lost Mode, Hexnode allows you to lock or wipe the device in the event of a device being lost or stolen.
  7. Disable Lost Mode on ROM enrolled devices under Android Lost Mode Settings in Admin tab

  8. Non-removable – Hexnode MDM App can be made non-removable by adding it in the /system/app folder. This prevents the user from uninstalling Hexnode MDM app from the device.

    • Hexnode MDM app gets the complete privileges on your device only if it is placed in the /system/priv-app folder.

  9. Configure System Bar Settings – Hexnode allows you to enable or disable system bars in single or multi app kiosk mode. When system bars are disabled, the device wallpaper will be removed, and the keyboard will be disabled. To configure System Bar settings, go to Peripheral Settings from Kiosk Lockdown > Android Kiosk Lockdown.

    • The ‘Disable system bars’ option can be configured only when either Single app/Multi app kiosk mode is enabled.

    Disable System Bars in Peripheral settings under Android Kiosk Lockdown in Hexnode MDM
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