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How to Set Up tvOS Global HTTP Proxy using Hexnode MDM?

Set a global HTTP proxy to ensure that all network traffic between the supervised Apple TVs and the internet flows through the proxy server. This protects the device from security attacks from external sources. To apply HTTP proxy globally, you need to be subscribed to Enterprise or Ultimate plans.

To get proxy configured globally,

  1. Select Policies from Hexnode MDM console.
  2. Click on New Policy to create a new policy, or continue with an existing policy.
  3. From tvOS Settings, select Global HTTP Proxy.
Settings Description
Proxy type Select how you need to configure the proxy server. The available values are Manual (default) and Automatic.
(if manual proxy type is selected)
The server address of the proxy server.
(if manual proxy type is selected)
The port number of the proxy server. The default proxy port is 0.
(if manual proxy type is selected)
The username to get authenticated with the proxy server.
(if manual proxy type is selected)
The password associated with the username provided above.
(if automatic configuration is selected)
The URL of the PAC file where the proxy settings are saved. Hexnode MDM will configure the settings automatically based on these settings.

Associating the Policy with Apple TV

If you haven’t saved the policy yet, you can

  1. Go to Policy Targets tab.
  2. Click on + Add Devices.
  3. Search for and select devices which the policy needs to be associated with.
  4. Done adding devices? Click OK.

To add more devices to the list, click on + Add Devices again. This will not affect your previous selection. Associate policies to device groups, users or user groups from the left pane underneath the Policy Targets tab.

If you saved the policies and taken out of the policy configuration page,

  1. Check a policy.
  2. Select Associate Targets from Manage.
  3. Add devices to get the policy associated.

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