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The Android MDM solution designed to take care of the droids that enter the enterprise work environment.

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The wide range of Android devices which are used for work can be managed efficiently with no friction at all.
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Hexnode MDM grooms Android to suit the work environment, making enterprise mobility better, familiar and simpler.
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The Android devices that are flying all around the field is controlled by the MDM giving the enterprise remote access over them.

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Android MDM Solution for Enterprise

These days, Android devices play as much of a role in the enterprise as any other technology. Smartphones and tablets increase communication and productivity in the workplace, but for companies of any size, these advantages can be difficult to manage. There is also potential for misuse and abuse. With Hexnode’s Android MDM solution, that is no longer the case.

Take charge of all Android devices in the workplace with the Android MDM solution from Hexnode. Our user-centric approach to Android MDM allows administrators to monitor devices, configure applications, and secure networks without interfering with Enterprise Mobility. With Hexnode, Mobile Device Management is a snap.

Hexnode’s Android MDM is a scalable solution for any size business or organization. Whether you need to manage a handful of Android devices or thousands of them, Hexnode makes it possible to maintain mobile security while still granting users the freedom they need to get the job done.

Device Enrollment in Android

Device Enrollment in Android

Devices can be added into the network through a quick, over-the-air enrollment process. Administrators can send enrollment requests in bulk, or to individual users as needed. This simple process allows users to download and install the Hexnode MDM app directly from the Google Play Store. They can then gain access to the network by either entering their Active Directory credentials or a OTP (one-time-password).
Set and Distribute Policies

Set and Distribute Policies

Hexnode Android MDM comes with a full suite of policies that empowers your administration to configure and secure all Android devices that are tied to your network. Features from our hands-off, over-the-air approach include the ability to:
  • Configure Wi-Fi settings remotely
  • Set password complexity based on corporate policy
  • Disable Wi-Fi access to targeted users
  • Bluetooth capability
  • Camera access
  • External storage (Cloud, SD card, etc.)
  • Mobile data capability
  • Enforce encryption
  • And many others
  • Password Policy Management

    Password Policy Management

    With Password Policy Management, administrators have the ability to set password complexity based on enterprise policies. Passwords are the first line of defense in network security and with Hexnode MDM your network can withstand unauthorized access by designing password requirements that include length, complexity, special characters, timeout periods, expiration dates and retry limits. Devices that are not in compliance with your set policy will be barred from the network and administrators will be altered so they can rectify the problem or take other action with the device.
    Network Configurations

    Network Configurations

    Mobile Device Management with Hexnode does not stop with the devices themselves; it also extends to the network and how the devices access it. Administrators can control when and where the network can be accessed by the individual user or by groups of users. Configure network settings remotely and disable Wi-Fi capability by individual or group devices as well. No need to track down the devices and physically handle them. You can take care of it all remotely from one central location.
    Device Restrictions

    Device Restrictions

    One of the great features of Android MDM with Hexnode is that you have complete control of the devices that are tied to your network. You have the ability to set any sort of restrictions necessary to meet the needs of your corporate policies. Such restrictions could include turning off cameras, microphones, and other device capabilities. You can also restrict rooted devices and devices with blacklisted apps. Disabling particular apps, such as Facebook and other social media sites, can also boost security beyond the network itself.


    Getting apps to users becomes streamlined with Hexnode MDM. From the administration console, you can set up app catalogs for individual users or groups of users that include a series of apps that they have access to. These app catalogs are delivered to users via webclips. When a user activates the webclip, they are given access to a menu of apps which they can use on their devices whenever they need to. The webclip gives the user access to needed apps, while at the same time, it doesn’t force the user to install every app in the catalog. Webclips are especially useful in a BYOD program and for devices that have limited memory space.
    Mobile Application Management

    Mobile Application Management

    This powerful solution within Hexnode MDM enables a full suite of features to keep your system secure while ensuring that the entire network and the apps on the devices remain in compliance with set policies. You can seamlessly roll out apps, both public and private, to every device enrolled into the system. This can be done individually, or by entire groups. You also have the ability to install and uninstall apps on devices. This ensures that devices are configured properly, and that users have the apps they need. The uninstallation process works similarly in that it allows to remove apps that individual users or groups of users should not have access to. You can even place apps on a whitelist or blacklist so these operations are taken care of automatically.
    Android Enterprise App Management

    Android Enterprise App Management

    With Android MDM from Hexnode, you can distribute apps to devices either through the Google Play Store, as well as your own in-house apps. You can also manage their settings, and even disable them as needed. Though Enterprise App Management, you ensure that each device receives mandatory apps. Furthermore, you can add apps to white and black lists to improve security and production.
    App Catalog

    App Catalog

    Create custom app catalogs for users within your enterprise with Android Mobile Device Management from Hexnode. Users won’t have to waste time searching for apps because the ones they need has been sent to their devices and accessed through a convenient webclip. You can organize the apps into categories that you define and then release them to any number of user groups. With these custom catalogs, users see only the apps that they need.


    A Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program allows users to work with devices that they are both familiar and comfortable with. With Hexnode Android MDM, you can manage personal devices with the same ease and security as you would with corporate-owned devices. Policies can be configured to handle the less-restrictive settings that personal devices in a BYOD program would call for. Hexnode offers a seamless integration of BYOD and corporate devices, regardless of the device manufacturer or model, all the while keeping the network secure.
    Android Compliance Management

    Android Compliance Management

    Hexnode’s Android MDM solution ensures that all devices, including BYODs, remain compliant to all policies while connected to the network. Our automatic compliance monitoring is always on, working in real time to maintain network and data security. Administrators are immediately alerted to policy violations so that compliance can be enforced. Some of the compliance management features include:
  • Rooted device detection
  • Password policy compliance
  • Disable Wi-Fi access to targeted users
  • App compliance
  • Blacklisted apps
  • Mandatory apps
  • Location Tracking

    Location Tracking

    In order to keep your network secure, Android MDM with Hexnode gives administrators the ability to track the location of any device enrolled into the network. This allows for devices to be located wherever they are in use within range of the network. This feature is especially useful to track movements of devices into unauthorized area. Also, if an employee misplaces a device, this feature can help to find it.


    With Hexnode’s Android MDM solution, you can generate a full range of reports on any device connected to the network. These reports will also allow you to analyze user data, app statistics, security violations, and compliance issues. Once generated, you can export the reports for documentation purposes and future use.

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