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SaaS App Management

Make Work Flow with Hexnode Do

Discover SaaS applications, manage licenses, automate workflows, and establish consistent identity, access, and data protection controls across the organization.

SaaS app management

Why Your Business Needs Hexnode Do

SaaS powers your workspace. A central platform to automate and manage all your SaaS operations means your employees work more efficiently, and IT can focus on value-driven tasks.

Ease up SaaS onboarding and offboarding

Automate mundane configuration tasks

Unearth hidden cross-platform spend

Eliminate surprise renewals and plan proactively

Analyze SaaS application usage correlation

Be Among The First Doers

Find and act on the apps you don’t know about

900,000+ devices

are currently enrolled in Hexnode worldwide. Find out how they hit the endpoint jackpot - you can too!