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Single App and Multi-app modes

Set up the kiosk with a single app in action or multiple apps to select from a page with a customized user interface.

Web-based kiosk

A web page as a web kiosk, disabling access to all others, including other web pages which is linked with the page.

Control peripheral function

Remotely adjust device volume and screen brightness and disallow access to WiFi, Bluetooth, flashlight and other peripheral functions.

Android kiosk browser

Enables multi-tabbed browsing in kiosk mode. And, whitelist or blacklist unnecessary web pages to restrict access to them.

Location Tracking & Geofencing

Locate devices and store location, set dynamic policies based on location with geofencing.


Broadcast messages to a single user or multiple users, or a multiple number of user/device groups.

Remote View & Control

View the live screen of a managed device and control the device by interacting with the devices right from the hub.

Enterprise app store

Deploy an app store with custom apps on your kiosk. Make sure the only apps installed is from this store, and silently.

Custom branding

Customize the home screen of your kiosk. Hide apps which are no longer needed, and put a wallpaper to make it more attractive.

Lock, wipe, shut down and restart

Shut down or restart a device over-the-air. Locking a lost/stolen device or wipe its data remotely prevents data leakage.

Mobile Expense Management

Manage your expenses by setting data limits, viewing usage statistics and blocking device from connecting to the corporate network.
Third-party Integration
Samsung KNOX and SAFE
Device Enrollment Program
Volume Purchase Program
Android for work

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Power up your business with Hexnode kiosk


Hexnode Kiosk helps to track the location of freights in real time, and with an app set in the kiosk, it is easier for drivers to communicate.


It will be easier for assigning tasks and roles, inventory management and efficient tracking of projects with an app set in kiosk mode. Hexnode Kiosk can also locate each device in real time.


Retail industries use kiosks to showcase products available for purchase, and the customers can have faster checkouts with kiosks.


Kiosks are set up in many places which showcase products without allowing people to interact with the kiosk.


Implementing kiosk mode in educational institutions help admins to lock specific apps in the device and restrict students from accessing other apps and websites as well as the device settings.


Kiosks at concert halls and cinemas help print and book tickets real quick and easily.


Patients' record can be accessed from an app set in kiosk mode and actions can be taken quickly based on the report.


To make the process of ordering food streamlined, many restaurants have already set up interactive kiosks.


It was never easier for cab drivers to know the exact location for picking up and dropping down passengers. The passengers are able to set the exact destination.

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