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Get the most out of your fleet of devices by tailoring them for custom use as Kiosks. With Kiosk mode turned on, you can set up point of service stations on selected devices in your network. As long as the devices are in Kiosk mode, they will only run one app. Access to any other function of the device is restricted, keeping the device, and your network secure.

Kiosks in Business

With the Hexnode MDM, you suddenly have a powerful and cost-effective solution for setting up point of service (POS) terminals throughout your enterprise. POS terminals are the perfect solution for retail stores, healthcare facilities, hospitals and clinics, hotels, resorts, and just about any enterprise associated with the Healthcare and Hospitality fields. These POS terminals allow users to employ one app to carry out a series of tasks while at the same time protecting the devices from unauthorized access.

POS terminals have countless uses that can help to streamline your enterprise. Just a few examples include:

  • Checkout counters
  • Product showcases
  • Service registration stations
  • Demos
  • Loop-in ads
  • Contests
  • And just about any other service that can be fulfilled with an app

The Cost of Custom Kiosks

Setting up custom kiosks can be both difficult and expensive for any size enterprise. Custom kiosks require dedicated hardware that have only one function and cannot easily be converted for new tasks. Installing this hardware is also costly, from setting up the physical stations in which the terminals would sit to the software licensing requirements.

After the custom kiosks are installed and placed online, there are still plenty of costs to consider. They are often difficult to repair if they suffer damage or malfunction. Maintenance is difficult and expensive because custom terminals require special maintenance as well as valuable working hours that could be spent elsewhere. These costs also apply to upgrades due to hardware and software that both become quickly outdated.

Mobile Devices and Tablets as Kiosks

Mobile devices and tablets as kiosks are a game changer. The cost benefits are immediately recognizable due how inexpensive these devices are when compared to custom kiosks. Mobile devices and tablets are reliable, require little maintenance, and are inherently flexible in that they can be tailored to perform tasks simply by downloading and installing the required apps.

Mobile devices and tablets can be seamlessly integrated into your network through Hexnode Kiosk Software. Devices can be enrolled into the network and configured to work “out-of-the-box” as a kiosk so they are ready to serve as a POS station as soon as they are issued. This ease-of-use transfers to the user because the device is locked into one app and the user doesn’t need any other knowledge about the device to use it.

iPhone and iPad Kiosks

One of the advantages of Hexnode MDM's Kiosk mode is that it works seamlessly with iPhones and iPads. There is no doubting the popularity of iPhones and iPads. They are familiar, they are trusted, and people from all walks of life love to use them. They are even more popular in business and education environments because the greater availability of business and education apps and the network capability that this availability allows.

Hexnode MDM and Kiosk Mode

Turning an iPhone or and iPad into a kiosk is a breeze with the help of Hexnode MDM. With Hexnode MDM'S hands-off approach, devices can be wirelessly enrolled into the network individually or in large groups. Kiosk mode can then be turned on from a centrally located computer with just a few clicks. All an administrator has to do is simply select the app that the kiosk will run and the iPhone or iPad is locked into the app. It all can be done in a matter of seconds, saving time and money.

Kiosks mode apps are not just limited to the store apps. You can use

  • Store apps
  • Enterprise (in-house apps)
  • Web apps
  • or just about any website in your browser.

With Hexnode MDM for Kiosk mode, there is no longer any need to use Apple Configurator. Apple Configurator requires each device enrolled in the network to be physically connected to a computer for updates, reconfiguration, and disenrollment from the network. Hexnode MDM gives you the power to remotely monitor and configure every device without ever having to make a physical connection. With Hexnode MDM, you can make all the changes you need, when you need to make them without ever having to collect them.

Turning Off Kiosk Mode

With Hexnode MDM, turning off Kiosk mode is just as easy as it is to turn it on. All it takes is a few clicks from a centrally located computer and Kiosk mode is disabled. Once Kiosk mode is disabled, normal function returns to the iPhone or iPad. This enables you to take a device that was once used as a kiosk and issue it to a new user.

Android Kiosk Mode

Kiosk has stood to mean single purpose software loaded on custom hardware for so long. Along came the smartphone and turned it on its heels. With high end cellphones and tablets available and the all-powerful Android operating system, businesses suddenly have a killer tool in their hands for point of sale solutions. You don’t have to buy expensive Kiosk hardware and fiddle around with the half-baked firmware in it. With an array of affordable and yet highly capable Android devices, you can get your Kiosk system up and running without having to spend a fortune on it. With Hexnode MDM’s Android Kiosk mode, you can turn your Android phone or tablet into a Kiosk in just a few clicks. The best part, once you’re done with the Kiosk solution, you can easily revert it to the fully functional Android device.

Android Kiosk on Hexnode MDM

No more flashing new ROMs or hard resetting the devices, Hexnode MDM enables Kiosk mode by replacing the device’s default launcher with a custom launcher that allows only the selected apps. Unlike iOS’s Kiosk mode, here you can allow more than one app. Once the device enters Kiosk mode, the home, back and recent apps buttons would no longer work. The user won’t be able to access anything outside the launcher, not even the notifications shade. Pressing the power button turns the display off and locks the device, however unlocking the device takes you right back to the Kiosk mode.

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