IoT Management

Experience IoT device management at its best


Manage all endpoints through the Internet of Secure Things!

Easy Deployment

Easy Deployment

Deploy IoT ready endpoints all throughout the enterprise, easily and securely.

Advanced Configurations

Advanced Configurations

Apply advanced configurations across all endpoints in a platform-agnostic manner.

Remote Management

Remote Management

Manage IoT endpoints remotely from a centralized location.

Easy-to-use IoT device management solution

Easy IoT management

Digital Signage Solution

Simple IoT device management

Ruggedized Device Management

Taking Hexnode to new realms with IoT Support

Hexnode mobile kiosk browser

Seamless onboarding

With the help of ADB, seamlessly onboard your XR devices to Hexnode in our portal and commence your XR management experience.

File management for XR

Manage files on your devices with Hexnode's file management system for XR devices. Transfer and modify files within your device.

Set mandatory apps

Set mandatory apps that can be silently installed onto your XR device.


AOSP Support

XR devices or wearables customized with the help of AOSP can be managed remotely with Hexnode's AOSP device management capabilities.

Kiosk Mode

Turn your AOSP devices into single-purpose kiosks, for a variety of use cases, including training, development, education and much more.

Wide range of actions

Experience the full remote capabilities for AOSP devices with a wide array of actions – ranging from scanning device location to enable/disable kiosk mode to device wipe - that can control the AOSP device directly from your console.


Windows Device Management

Policy configurations

By setting up policies, you can now configure wearable devices like smart watches to fulfil your specific needs.

Configure networks

Configure WiFi networks on your wearable devices with Hexnode.

Deploy certificates

You can now deploy certificates to the XR device of your choice and configure encrypted connections on your device.

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Digital Transformation through IoT: Impact on businesses

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