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How to Disenroll and Delete Device from Hexnode MDM?

Disenroll an employee’s device from Hexnode MDM if that employee does not belong to your organization anymore and that user’s devices need to be removed from Hexnode MDM. Disenrolling a device gives you an extra slot for another device to get enrolled in Hexnode MDM.

A pre-approved device can be deleted from the list by using the ‘Delete Device’ option in the Manage drop-down.

Disenrolling a device

To disenroll a device directly from Hexnode MDM console,

  1. Login to your Hexnode portal.
  2. From Manage tab, check a device or devices which are to be disenrolled.
  3. Select Disenroll from the Manage drop-down.
  4. Click on YES in the confirmation dialog.
  5. Enter the password of your Hexnode MDM portal and click OK.

This will initiate disenrollment and the process will be completed as soon as the device gets connected to a network.

Hexnode MDM leaves you with the choice of disenrolling the device assigned to a user if the user is deleted. Learn how to disenroll a device while deleting its user.


  • Deleting Hexnode MDM app or the MDM profile won’t disenroll the device. Instead, they’ll be marked “Agent removed” in Hexnode MDM portal. If you try to enroll such a device again, the “Agent removed” tag will be removed, and all restrictions and configurations will continue to work.
  • Android for Work (AFW) Devices which are enrolled as Profile Owner or Device Owner can be disenrolled from Hexnode MDM by following the same steps. When Devices Enrolled as Device Owner are disenrolled, the device will be Factory Reset and all the data present on the device will be erased.


  • Disenrolling a device will remove all data associated with the device from your Hexnode MDM server, and you won’t be able to access it again. So, before disenrolling a device, make sure you have proper backups of the data.
  • ROM-enrolled devices, if disenrolled, become incapable of automatic enrollment if the device is reset to factory settings. However, the device can be enrolled manually in Hexnode MDM.

Marking Devices as Disenrolled

To remove a device from the list of devices before the disenrollment is complete,

  1. Go to Manage tab.
  2. Click on the device name.
  3. From Actions, select Mark as disenrolled.

  • If a device is in kiosk mode while it is marked as disenrolled, Hexnode MDM loses control over your device and the device will be locked in kiosk forever. However, the kiosk mode in Android can be exited by using an exit password provided in the kiosk settings or Admin > MDM Settings.
  • In iOS, if the MDM profile is made non-removable and the device is marked disenrolled, the device cannot be enrolled in other MDM solutions, or re-enrolled in Hexnode MDM.
  • In Samsung SAFE or LG GATE devices, if Device Administrator is prevented from getting deactivated, the device cannot be enrolled again in Hexnode MDM, but enrolling in other MDMs will work.

Delete a Pre-approved Device

If you enroll a pre-approved device and the user haven’t enrolled the device, then the device can be deleted from Hexnode MDM. If a user enrolled the device already, disenroll the device to remove it from Hexnode MDM server.
To delete a pre-approved device,

  1. From Manage tab, check the devices that are to be deleted.
  2. Select Delete Device from Manage.
  3. Confirm by clicking on OK button.

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