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How to install apps silently in iOS kiosk

Silent app installation allows admin to push apps automatically to devices without user intervention. Here, all the apps pushed by the admin will be installed onto the device without showing any prompts. Hexnode allows you to install apps silently on your supervised iOS devices even when your devices are in kiosk mode.

Silent app installation in iOS kiosk

To install apps silently in iOS kiosk, first enable Single app kiosk or Multi app kiosk on the target device.


Kiosk mode can be activated only on supervised iOS devices.

Install apps to the device

Now try adding apps to your device in kiosk mode.

  1. Install apps via Install Application action.
  2. Method 1:
    Go to Manage tab > Select the device > Choose Manage > Install Application > Select the apps from the list > Click Done.

    Method 2:
    Go to Manage tab > Check the device > Select Actions > Install Applications > Select the apps from the list > Click Done.

  3. Install apps via Policies.
  4. Set as Mandatory apps

  • Go to Policies > New Policy > New Blank Policy > Name the policy and add a description.
  • Go to iOS > App Management > Mandatory Apps > Configure.
  • Add Apps or App groups > Click Done.

To associate the policy to the device,
  1. Go to Policy Targets.
  2. Click on Devices > + Add Devices and select the required devices to which policy has to be associated.
  3. Apart from Devices, you can also attach the policy to Device Groups, Users, User Groups or Domains according to your requirements.
  4. Click on Ok > Save.

Now, the apps will get installed on the device.

For devices in single app kiosk, the app will install silently but will be hidden as the device is restricted to a single app.
For multi app kiosk, if the app was already included in the kiosk whitelist, then it will install silently on the device. Otherwise the app will silently install and disappear soon. However, such an app will appear under the list of Applications (Manage > Devices > Select the device > Applications) installed on the device but with the status “Installed but hidden”.

App hidden since it is not added in kiosk

  • In single app kiosk the app installs silently and will appear on the device as soon as the device exit from kiosk mode.
  • Apps which were not included in the kiosk whitelist will install silently on devices in multi app kiosk and disappear soon. Such apps will reappear as soon as the device exit from the kiosk mode.