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Hexnode MDM for Kyocera Business Phones

Kyocera is an American manufacturer of mobile phones for wireless service providers in the United States and Canada. Kyocera is a pioneer in rugged handsets designed for offering features useful for both daily and business purposes. The business devices are designed to endure extreme work environments. Kyocera business phones come with an SDK that supports enhanced EMM capabilities such as application management, device management, information management and so on.

Hexnode MDM’s integration with Kyocera enterprise SDK enables it to offer the advanced features supported by Kyocera.

Hexnode MDM supports a list of Kyocera business device models.

Hexnode MDM offers a range of restrictions to completely control your Kyocera devices. Some of these restrictions include the ability to turn on/off basic device functionalities like camera, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Power Button, Home Button. You can enforce location services on devices, allow mock locations and so on. Hexnode MDM also allows apps to be pushed to devices and installation of enterprise apps silently without user intervention by setting them as mandatory apps. Hexnode MDM also puts forward certain restrictions for the devices.

The advanced technologies supported by devices such as being dustproof, waterproof, HazeLoc protected, along with MDM capabilities makes Kyocera devices ideal for industries such as construction, manufacturing, hospitality, retail, public safety etc.

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