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Why is having an ‘Android Enterprise’ app store important in Hexnode UEM?

Managed Google Play in the Android Enterprise program is the enterprise-targeted version of Google Play. It helps enterprises to securely deploy apps to their employees in bulk using Hexnode UEM.


Importance of Managed Google Play Store in Android Enterprise

  1. Security: Managed Google Play secures enterprise devices by scanning every app published in the store for malware and vulnerabilities. In addition to that, IT administrators can choose to isolate their corporate apps and data from the users’ personal data using work containers.
  2. Access to only approved apps: Hexnode UEM allows the distribution of Managed Google apps only if your organization approves them. Thus, the admins can make sure that their employees install only IT-approved apps on their devices.
  3. Managed Configurations: Managed Google Play allows administrators to remotely specify settings for an app before deploying them to the devices. You can configure organization-approved apps to ensure that the app is ready for use right after its installation.
  4. Managed Google accounts: Managed Google Play uses the same managed account that is used for enrolling the organization in the Android Enterprise program. Thus, it eliminates the need for using employees’ personal accounts.
  5. Private apps: Private apps are custom apps developed to be used within an organization. The apps are made available to the employees by publishing them privately in the Managed Google Play.
  6. Allowlist/Blocklist: Hexnode allows you to blocklist or allowlist apps distributed from the Managed Google Play. Also, the admins can ensure that users can access only the required apps and block access to unnecessary apps.
  7. Silent App Installation: With Hexode UEM, apps distributed via Managed Google Play will be installed on the devices without any user intervention.
  8. Advanced App Management: In addition to other management capabilities, Hexnode UEM allows admins to configure whether users can install, uninstall, or control apps. App verification, runtime permissions, and many other restrictions can be handled via Hexnode UEM.
  9. Custom Store Layout: Hexnode UEM allows enterprises to customize Managed Google Play Store by setting up store pages with custom clusters containing specified apps.
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