How to downgrade an enterprise app with MDM

Occasionally after an app update we find that the new version of the app does not suite us. Even with one device, manually downgrading an app takes up some time. In a business case scenario, manually downgrading an app on all corporate owned work devices would prove to be quite tedious.

With Hexnode MDM, you can downgrade enterprise apps remotely on all enrolled devices.  There are a few scenarios to be considered here:

  • In a rooted device or Samsung SAFE device, the downgrading happens silently.
  • For a device in Kiosk mode, the device will ask permissions but there won’t be an option to skip the downgrading process.

To downgrade an enterprise app in the Kiosk mode

  1. Go to policies and select the Kiosk policy with the app you want to downgrade.
  2. Delete the app from the list and add the app with lower version.
  3. Save the policy.
  4. On the device, the app icon will show a picture of wrench. Click on the app and it will ask for permission to uninstall. Click OK.
  5. app icon change uninstall

  6. Once you’ve uninstalled the higher version, the lower version app will ask for permission to install. Click Install.
  7. permission app installing app installed

In the Kiosk mode, a store app can be downgraded with the apk file of the lower version app.

Note: If two versions of the same app are pushed to the device in the same policy at the same time, the one with higher version gets installed.

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