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Windows MDM for Enterprises

Windows smartphones and tablets have inched their way into the enterprise. From gadgets on a budget, they have evolved into highly capable productivity and entertainment devices. Windows tablet sales are hitting an all-time-high in enterprises and schools. The ubiquity of Windows desktops makes it all the more beneficial to subscribe into the same ecosystem.

Such a massive proliferation of Windows devices makes a strong case for having a comprehensive management platform. Windows MDM solution from Hexnode lets you easily manage and secure the devices in your enterprise. With Hexnode’s MDM solutions you don’t have to settle for a Windows-only platform, you can even all your Windows, Android and iOS devices from a single portal.

Windows Password Policy Management

Device passwords are your primary line of defense against unauthorized access. More often than not, a strong password is all that stands between an intruder and your company’s confidential information. It is of paramount importance that you have your Windows smartphones and tablets secured with a strong password. Windows MDM lets you explicitly define your password policy. You can specify your requirements on auto locking, complexity, expiration, password history, permissible retries, and practically everything you need to secure your devices in compliance with your corporate policies.

Windows Device Restrictions

Employees’ personal phones and tablets can have all the device functionalities turned on, but when it comes to company-issued devices, you may want to assume a higher degree of security and control, which is exactly why Hexnode’s MDM lets you selectively turn off device capabilities. After all, who would want a prototype render or an unreleased app build leaking from an internal testing device? With the MDM, you can have your device ‘locked down’ with just the essential features turned on. You can restrict camera, screen capture, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC, Browser, Internet sharing and numerous other device functionalities. See the entire device restrictions list here.

Wi-Fi configuration

Let’s say you want to allow Wi-Fi access for a user device, well, how hard can it be? You choose your corporate Wi-Fi from the list of available Wireless networks, type in the password and done! Now, imagine having to do the same for hundreds or even thousands of devices deployed in your organization. Not so, fun anymore, huh! Alternatively, you can leave it to the employees. Well, then, you’ll have to share your Wi-Fi passwords with all the users. That doesn’t sound very secure! What if you could configure Wi-Fi settings and wirelessly deploy them to all of the devices at once? Hexnode’s MDM lets you do that precisely. And when you decide to revoke access, you can always securely remove these configurations.

Email configuration

When it comes to large deployments, configuring email settings can be excruciatingly tiresome. Well, guess what, Hexnode MDM lets you remotely set up your corporate email settings on all of your employee devices. In case it’s a new account, you can have it logged in with the default password, or you can just set up the configuration settings and leave the log in to the user. The user launches the email app, types in the credentials and they are good to go. Better yet, when an employee leaves, you can perform a corporate wipe which removes the email settings securely while leaving all personal data intact.


Enterprises often find themselves caught between the mind-numbing heterogeneity of employee devices and their unified security policies. Smartphones and tablets from countless manufacturers, in various form factors, and running on different operating systems are every IT team’s worst nightmare. But, with unique BYOD features Hexnode’s MDM offers, managing even the most diverse fleet of devices is a breeze.


Hexnode’s MDM is equipped with an active compliance engine that continually tracks compliance across the entire range of devices enrolled. Each device is weighed against the preset compliance parameters and custom ones defined in the policies. In case any of your Windows phone or tablet falls out of compliance, alerts flash before you and you can initiate quick remedial actions right from within the dashboard.

Windows Device Audits

IT teams who have wrestled with Desktop Management will appreciate the significance of well-documented IT affairs. Hexnode’s Windows MDM brings the same level of detail and flexibility to Mobile Device Management, helping you precisely document your compliance status and be ever prepared for those ruthless audits sneaking up on you. The wide array of reports available makes it easy to spot vulnerabilities and preemptively avert compliance issues.

Simple, Secure Windows MDM Solution!