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How to Turn a Device Off?

Remote management capabilities are always a must-have for enterprises that deploy devices to their workforce. In some instances, organizations may find it necessary to remotely turn off their managed devices. This is usually done to conserve battery life or for maintenance activities.

However, shutting down a large number of devices manually is a cumbersome task for IT admins. With the powerful remote management solution Hexnode MDM, admins can execute remote turn off command from a single centralized console. You can power off your Android, iOS, or macOS devices using remote actions. Note that any work the user is on will be lost as no prompts are displayed to the user to turn the device off.


The devices should meet these requirements in order to turn it off from Hexnode MDM.


This feature is supported on

Turn Off a Device

To turn a device off,

  1. Login to your Hexnode portal.
  2. From Manage tab, check the device(s) to be turned off.
  3. Select Power Off Device from Actions.
  4. In the confirmation dialog, click Power Off.

To turn off devices in bulk,

  1. Navigate to Manage > Devices.
  2. Check the required devices you need to turn off.
  3. Select Power Off Device from Actions.
  4. Click on Power Off in the confirmation dialog.

The devices will be turned off instantly when a network connection is made between the Hexnode MDM server and the device.


Macs shutdown within 5 – 10 minutes after the action is applied.