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Desktop Management

Cloud management for desktops, laptops and notebooks


Why Hexnode UEM is the #1 choice in Desktop Management for businesses

Multi-OS support

Multi-OS support

A single solution for your Windows and Mac Endpoints.

Automated device management

Automated device management

Easing your workload by 90 percent.

Seamless integrations

Seamless integrations

For achieving that extra mile in desktop management.

Desktop Management made easy: Manage the desktops right from your desk

Windows device management

Windows Device Management

Encrypt, Decrypt, Protect

Protect your data by enforcing advanced device encryption – BitLocker, and strict password rules.

Track the device location

Track lost devices with automatic and manual scans, be updated when and where the device is at all times.

Secure network, lesser work

Ensure security of data in transit and manage enterprise networks with Hexnode network management.


Device management, application management, and content management all under one Hexnode umbrella.

Kiosk on your desktop

Lock down any Windows 10 laptop/desktop into a single app or a set of required apps.

macOS device management

macOS Management


Handle large-scale deployments and push configurations right out of the box with Apple Bussiness Manager and Apple School Manager.

Accounting for the Accounts

Setup the Email, ActiveSync, CardDav, CalDav, LDAP account remotely from a single pane of glass.

Security meets simplicity

Enable data encryption on your Mac devices with FileVault, filter out malicious websites with filtering and set powerful passcode policies.

Enroll the devices over-the-air

Experience zero-touch deployment of Mac devices with zero human intervention.

Complete Remote Management

Secure devices outside your corporate network to streamline remote work and protect devices on the field.

Adopting a UEM saves more money than you think.

Automating mundane and repetitive tasks has a huge impact on time, effort and most importantly, finances. Here’s how automation through a UEM can benefit you.

Hexnode: the answer to your Windows management issues?

Does a UEM solution like Hexnode make it easy to deploy and manage all your Windows devices and applications? Click on the datasheet to know more.

Mac Management automated

Is your current Mac management strategy a little tedious? Here’s a datasheet on Hexnode UEM automates the entire process from a single console.

All aspects of Desktop Management with one solution

App Management

Enforce mandatory apps

We just cannot do without some apps in our work devices. Make those apps mandatory and setup device compliance rules.

Block unnecessary apps

Blacklist the unwanted apps and whitelist the important ones. Get notified if any blacklisted app finds its way to any managed devices.

Create custom app catalogues

Create a custom app catalog to give your employees a singular place to find the apps that are required.

Apply custom app configs

Configure the applications before distributing them to the managed devices remotely.

Security management

Multi-Factor authentication

With MFA and authenticated user-enrollment methods, make use of Hexnode’s robust security framework to completely secure your organization.

Not compliant? Take measures.

Configure your own custom compliance rules and get notified when the devices go out of compliance.

Secure corporate data

Keep work and personal data separate with work containers protected with full-disk encryption and strong password rules.

Expedite software updates

Defer or enforce software updates on your fleet of devices remotely with Hexnode.

Location management

Track location real-time

Locate and track the exact location of the managed endpoints with Hexnode. View the locations in the map from the Web Console.

Geofence based policies

Create dynamic groups with virtual geofences to assign location-based policies and restrictions.

Scheduled reports

Schedule regular location reports and stay aware of the device location history.

Remote Troubleshooting

All-knowing Dashboard

Get a high-level overview of device compliance and wellness with the comprehensive dashboard.

Detailed reports

A detailed report is the most important tool for troubleshooting. Schedule custom reports or manually generate reports as needed.

Broadcast Messages

Broadcast messages securely to each and every user in your organization with Hexnode.

Expert support

No matter how small your concern is, Hexnode support team is there for you 24/5, eager to guide you with anything you need.

Hexnode Integrations – Bringing everything you possibly need at one place