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Distribute Apple TV Enterprise Apps

Apple TV enterprise apps, like any other enterprise apps, are developed and used within a company and are not available in the App Store. Apple has the Apple Developer Enterprise Program for large organizations to develop apps for in-house usage. The deployment of these Apps is a hefty job. Now you can deploy Enterprise Apps to the devices of your choice using Hexnode.


This feature is available on Enterprise and higher pricing plans.

Add Apple TV Enterprise Apps to Hexnode

  1. From your Hexnode portal, go to Apps > +Add Apps > Enterprise Apps > to add a new Enterprise App.
  2. From the pop-up window, select the radio button next to the Apple TV icon to define app platform.
  3. You can either Upload With:
    1. IPA file: Click on Choose File and select a file from your system.
    2. or

    3. From Manifest URL: Input a URL where the app resides.
  4. Select a category or input a new category by clicking on the + button.
  5. Input a description about the App.
  6. You can also check the option to Notify admin via email once app upload succeeds/fails.
  7. Click on Add to upload the app.

Install the App to target devices

  1. Navigate to Manage tab.
  2. Click on the device name.
  3. Select Actions > Install Applications.
  4. Select Application and click Done.

Once the Install Application action is executed, the app installation proceeds silently on the device.


  • Can’t find the Application on your Apple TV? Don’t worry! The Application might take a couple of minutes to install depending on the file size and network speed.