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Getting started with Windows app management

App management provides the administrator with the ability to manage, control, and secure apps. It allows you to install the apps silently, enforce app installation, and allows the device to show non – compliance on the presence of blocklisted apps on the device.

Enrollment of devices

You need to enroll your devices with Hexnode UEM to manage the apps on your devices. Get to know more about enrolling Windows devices with Hexnode UEM.

Enroll Windows PCs & Tablets…

Installing apps

After completing the enrollment process, add the required apps to the app inventory. App groups can also be created. You can add store apps to the app inventory and push the apps to the target devices either via installation action or automated rollout via policies. Apps get installed silently without any user intervention on Windows 10 and Windows 11 devices.

Installing apps silently…

The enterprise/in-house app developed within an organization can be easily deployed using Hexnode UEM. Get to know more about deploying enterprise apps silently on Windows devices from the following link.

Installing enterprise apps…

Block or permit apps

Create a blocklist of unwanted apps or a allowlist of apps that are safe to install. Allowlisting renders apps other than the specified ones as blocklisted. Allows the device to show non-compliance on the presence of blocklisted apps on the device. Follow the link to know more on this.

App blocklisting or allowlisting…

Enforce app installation

It allows you to ensure that all the essential apps have been pushed to the device at once. Get to know more about enforcing app installation on Windows devices from the following link.

Required apps…

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