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MDM App Catalog

App catalog provides the users with a sort of custom app store to easily install the apps required. You can set up multiple catalogs to effectively provision apps for different sets of targeted users. You can add app groups and individual apps to a catalog.

Let’s now create a new catalog.

  1. Login to your Hexnode MDM portal and navigate to Apps tab.
  2. Click on App Catalogs.
  3. Click on + New to add a new catalog.
  4. Add a suitable name and description for the catalog.
  5. Click on Apps > +Add More to add apps of your choice to the catalog.
  6. Similarly, click on Groups > +Add More to add App Groups to the catalog.
  7. Hit Save Catalog.

Your new App catalog should appear in the list.

Deploying apps via Enterprise app catalog

Now that you have created an app catalog, let’s see how you can assign them to individual users to ease app installation. Start by creating a new policy.

  1. Select Polices > New Policy.
  2. Provide a suitable name and description for your policy.
  3. Now, click App Management > Catalog.
  4. Click Configure. click +Add Catalogs and choose the catalog you wish to add. Click Done.
  5. Now, click on Policy Targets. You can associate this policy to Devices, Device Groups, Users, User Groups or even a domain.
  6. Once you are done, save the policy.

You have now associated this particular app catalog to a specific user.

A link to access this app catalog in the form of a web clip is instantly saved on the
user device.


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