Setting mandatory apps

Defining mandatory apps helps you make sure the users have installed all the essential apps. Mandatory apps too work in combination with policy. You create a policy with the list of mandatory apps and assign it to any entity – user, device, group or domain. The selected apps will be pushed to all the devices that fall under the target entity.

Setting Mandatory Apps in MDM

Select Home > Polices.

Select New Policy. Click on App Management. Select Mandatory apps. Click Add button and select Add app. Under local apps, you can see the apps in your inventory. If you want to choose an application not on the list, click on Public Store and search for the particular app. Once you have selected the apps, click Done.

Now click on Policy targets. Select users and choose a user. You can also associate this policy to a device, group or even a domain. Once you are done. Save the policy.

You have now successfully defined a list of mandatory apps for the user. All the apps in the list will be installed on the user devices.

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