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How to Remotely Ring Devices?

Remote ring feature will play a sound on the devices remotely, which is useful in finding a lost device. This feature will play the sound even if the device is muted.


  • Remote ring action is available from Pro plan onwards.
  • An iPad, iPhones, Android or Windows phone, enrolled with Hexnode UEM.
  • iPads and iPhones should be supervised and running iOS 10.3 or above.
  • Device connected to the internet.

Why is a Network Connection Required on the Device?

If the device network is disabled, the remote ring won’t work until the connection is restored at a later point. The device will start playing sound at the moment the connection is restored.

Play sound on the device remotely

Play sound on iOS

A remote ring can be initiated by enabling lost mode.

To Enable Lost Mode

  1. Go to Manage tab.
  2. Check the device.
  3. From Actions, select Enable Lost Mode.
  4. Provide a message, phone number, and a footnote.
  5. Clicking on Continue > Yes. Enter the Hexnode MDM portal password and click GO, this will lock the device instantly displaying the message, phone number and footnote on the screen.


If the iOS device loses the network connectivity while the lost mode is enabled, and if there is no way to connect back to the network, you may have to hard reset the device manually.

You cannot reset the device using Apple Configurator, as the device asks for trust permission while connecting with Mac, which cannot be enabled while in lost mode.

play sound on lost mode enabled iOS device

Initiate remote ring

  1. From Manage tab.
  2. Check an iOS device in Lost Mode.
  3. From Actions, select Remote ring.

Play sound on Windows mobile

If the device is enrolled in Hexnode UEM, you can force it to play a sound.
To do this,

  1. Go to Manage tab.
  2. Check a Windows mobile device.
  3. From Actions, select Remote ring.

Play sound on Android

For Android devices enrolled with Hexnode, remote ring can be enabled by following the steps mentioned below.

  1. Go to Manage tab.
  2. Check an Android device.
  3. From Actions, select Remote ring.

remote ring Android device using Hexnode MDM


An optional custom message can be sent to Android devices, which includes the support of the following wildcards to display the user/device details on the device.

  • %devicename%
  • %imei%
  • %serialnumber%
  • %name%
  • %email%
  • %deviceid%
  • %domain%
  • %netbiosname%

Stop the device from ringing

There are two ways you can stop the device from ringing.

  • On iOS devices disable lost mode to stop the remote ring, or it will ring for 2 whole minutes.
  • On Android devices, the device will ring for whole 2 minutes unless the sound is manually dismissed from the unlocked device.
  • On Windows devices, remote ring cannot be stopped by the users. The device will get automatically stopped after ringing for some time.

Be sure to disable Lost Mode in iOS once you found the lost device. This will open the device for normal use. To disable Lost Mode from the Hexnode portal,

  • Go to Manage tab.
  • Check a device to disable Lost Mode.
  • From Actions, select Disable Lost Mode.

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