Restrictions for Android Devices

Allow use of camera: Select this option to allow users to use the camera on their device.

Allow USB mass storage: Checking this option allows users to connect the Android device to a computer via USB to transfer data.

Allow Wi-Fi: Lets you allow the users to use Wi-Fi on a device.

Bluetooth: Lets you allow the users to use Bluetooth on a device.

Allow data network: You can change permission for a user to turn on mobile data.

Allow mock locations: Change permission to mock location. Mocking location can falsify location tracking.

Allow installation of non-Google Play applications: Choose whether a user can install apps from sources other than Google Play Store.

Android MDM Restrictions

Enforce app verifications before install: When enabled, Google verifies an app package before
installing. This can save the device from malware or other potential attacks.

Allow backup to Google: Let you grant permission to backup contents in the device to Google.

Automatic restore: Let the users restore their backed up content automatically after device reset
or system updates.

Allow roaming: When disabled, internet access using mobile data can be turned off when

Enforce device encryption: Enforces encryption and users are prompted to enter a password. It
is required that the user enters the password every time the device is powered on to decrypt the
file. Turning off device encryption is to be done from the device and need a device reset in some

Visible passwords: Choose whether to display password as you type.

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