How to silently install applications in Samsung SAFE devices

Silent app installation is one of those features that IT admins dream of during mobile device management. When Apple incorporated silent app install feature through VPP and Supervision, it was found to be very appealing and easy. While the Apple devices needed to be supervised or enrolled in VPP to activate this feature, Samsung made it such that if the device was SAFE, apps could be pushed silently.

Silent app installation is possible in generic Android devices too. For that, the device needs to rooted or have an MDM installed in it as a system app or enrolled in Android for Work. Hexnode has integrated with Samsung SAFE, LG GATE and Kyocera devices so that advanced functionalities like this could be performed with Hexnode MDM.

For SAFE devices, the Hexnode MDM app will ask for permission to manage during device enrollment.

Samsung SAFE activation

To install an app silently in a SAFE device you may only follow the same steps as in normal app installation

  1. Select your SAFE device from the Management page.
  2. Click on Manage button and select Install Application.
  3. Select the app from the list and click Done.

The app will install silently even if it is pushed through a policy.

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