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How to set a default app in Android Kiosk mode with MDM

The Android Kiosk has a launcher with the kiosk apps in it unlike iOS. The Auto Launch feature in Hexnode Android kiosk mode allows to run the kiosk app in the foreground all the time as the default kiosk app, without even going to the launcher. The app will launch automatically according to the auto-launch period set in the policy.

Basically this feature is meant for single app kiosk mode, but this feature is available in multi-app kiosk mode too. By setting the auto-launch delay as zero and keeping the screen On all the time, the kiosks can be used as display mediums.

Setting up a default app for Android kiosk

  1. Go to Policies tab and select the kiosk policy.
  2. Go to Kiosk Settings and select Auto Launch Settings.
  3. Click Configure and click on the + button to select the app you want to add as the default app from the list.
  4. Set the app auto launch delay according to your requirement.
  5. Save the policy.

When setting the Auto launch delay below 10 seconds, be warned that you won’t be able to take the device out of kiosk mode by tapping the screen 10 times. This becomes a serious issue when the device loses network connection. The device will be stuck in the kiosk mode until it gets connected to the internet again.

To avoid this situation, select the option Exit manually from kiosk mode while an app is open in the kiosk exit settings. This will allow you to tap the status bar of the device 10 times and exit the kiosk mode by providing the password. Make sure the status bar is not enabled. This feature is supported by the Hexnode app version 9.5.1 onwards.


  • Only the app or apps you have whitelisted in the kiosk mode will appear in the auto-launch list. You can select one of the kiosk apps to act as the default app.
  • Only one app can be set as the default app.
  • When the device converts to Kiosk mode, this default app will open automatically.
  • In the multi-app kiosk mode, you can press the back button and access other apps.
  • When the device stays idle for the specified amount of time, the default app will launch itself automatically.


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