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How to remotely modify device attributes

Managing the organization’s asset information becomes a tedious task when there are many devices. Hexnode UEM offers a convenient method for modifying device attributes of corporate resources in bulk over-the-air. Device attributes are custom-created information used to identify the devices uniquely. While applying the configurations to devices, these attributes can be included as wildcards to pass device-specific values. Attributes defined on a per-device basis help in configuring various features but not limited to designating a Lock Screen Message, creating App Configurations, Execute Custom Script, or adding web apps to devices. The use of Edit Device Attributes action provides an intuitive method to modify device-specific information individually or bulk.


The Edit Device Attributes action is supported on Ultimate and Ultra pricing plans.

Edit Device Attributes

Device attributes form a standard set of information maintained for each device. They can be viewed from the Device Info page of the device in the UEM portal. To edit the device attributes of a single device:

  1. Login to your Hexnode UEM portal.
  2. Navigate to the Manage tab.
  3. Click on the device name. This will take you to the Device Summary page.
  4. Click on Actions > Edit Device Attributes.
  5. Modify the necessary attributes.
  6. Click Save.

You can customize the following details:

  • Device Name: You can edit the name of the given device.
  • Asset Tag: The ‘asset tag’ of the device specified in the Device Info page appears in this field. You can edit the tag to reflect the organization’s asset information. If you have not included any data in the field ‘asset tag’ in the Device Info page, you may add an appropriate tag here.
  • Department: The Department name, if included, in the Device Info page gets listed here. Entering a value for the department field helps with easy identification of the department unit of the organization where it belongs to.
  • Ownership Type: Choose between Corporate or Personal.
  • Device notes: Include any device-specific notes. You may modify the device notes in such a way it helps the device to be recognized easily.
  • Description: A brief description of the device. You can either add or change the device-specific description to be reflected on the Device Info page.

To edit device attributes in bulk:

  1. Navigate to the Manage tab on your UEM console.
  2. Select the required devices.
  3. Navigate to Actions > Edit Device Attributes
  4. Hexnode extends an alternative way of editing attributes of devices in bulk. You can choose either of the options:
    • Set Collective Name: The collective name defines a common name for all the devices by adding appending numbers to the fields – Device Name, Asset Tag, and Department. Thus, the devices can be identified quickly, and it helps retain a unique yet comparable naming convention across all the company-owned devices. You can also switch between the ownership of devices Corporate/Personal in bulk and provide common Device notes and Description for the devices.
    • Upload CSV files: You can also include a CSV file containing all the device information. This helps in providing devices with distinct names.
  5. Click Next.

The changes in device attributes will be reflected across the portal once the remote action is initiated.


While editing device attributes in bulk, the device details should be specified precisely in the CSV file.

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