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How to Manage Network Data Usage on iOS Devices?

Businesses and corporate offices are adopting new applications and software to streamline their business operations. The increasing use of mobile applications in corporate offices has led to a surge in telecom expenses for the company. In addition to the official use, employees may also consume a significant amount of data on personal applications, especially in the case of BYOD scenarios. This has brought us to a situation wherein companies are required to have a comprehensive data usage management solution to monitor the data usage patterns of their employees to control telecom expenses effectively.

Hexnode UEM provides you with a data management solution that allows you to manage and monitor the data used by iOS and Android devices enrolled in the Hexnode UEM console. Admins will be able to set data limits, and you will be notified via email when the data usage limit has been crossed. Additionally, you will be able to monitor the mobile data and Wi-Fi data usage individually so that admins can have a granular analysis of the data usage.


Make sure you have the latest version of the Hexnode UEM app installed on all devices.

Configure Network Data Usage Management via Policy

You need to configure the data usage management policy before managing the data usage of all enrolled devices. Follow the steps given below to configure Network Data Usage Management via policies:

  1. From the Hexnode UEM console, navigate to Policies > New Policy.
  2. Enter a suitable name and description for your data management policy.
  3. Navigate to iOS > Network Data Usage Management and click on Configure.
  4. The available configurations that can be customized in the policy are given in the following table:
Configuration Description
Monitor Mobile Data Usage Enable this option to monitor the mobile data usage on the device.
Monitor Wi-Fi Data Usage Enable this option to monitor the Wi-Fi data usage on the device.
Force Daily Data Usage Sync When checked, the devices will be forced to sync with the Hexnode servers even if the UEM app is killed in the background. The forced sync happens once every day at the specified Reset Time. Notifications from Hexnode UEM app will be turned ON, and the user will be notified.
Force Data Usage Sync at Regular Intervals When checked, the devices will be forced to sync with Hexnode servers at regular intervals even if the UEM app is killed in the background.
Forced Sync Interval Specify the time interval after which the device will be forced to sync its data usage with the UEM servers. The user will be notified each time the force sync occurs via a banner notification. The available options are:
  • 2 hours
  • 4 hours
  • 6 hours
  • 8 hours
Data Usage Cycle Specify the data usage cycle during which the data usage has to be accumulated and displayed in the Hexnode UEM console. The available options are:
  • Monthly
  • Weekly
  • Daily
Usage Cycle Reset Time Specify the time at which the data usage cycle ends. You can specifically set the day of the month and the time at which the data usage cycle has to be reset.
Data Usage Notifications Set up conditions for the administrator to be notified of devices that exceed the specific data usage limits.

The data usage reported may not always be accurate.

Associate Data Management Policy with Devices

Once you have set up data usage limits, the next step is to associate the policy with target devices.

Associate Policy with devices right away

  1. Navigate to Policy Targets and click on +Add devices to select the devices with which the policy is to be associated. Similarly, you can associate the policy with device groups, users, user groups and even Domains.
  2. Click on Save to associate the policy silently on selected targets.

Associate policy with devices at a later stage

  1. Go to Policies and select the Network Data Usage Management policy previously created.
  2. Click Manage and select Associate Targets. You can associate your policy with devices, device groups, users, user groups and even domains.
  3. Click on Save to deploy the policy silently on selected targets.

View Data Usage Summary

Data usage summary of individual devices can be viewed from the Data Management tab.

  1. Navigate to Manage > Devices.
  2. Select the device. Click on Data Management from the list of sub-tabs.

In the data usage summary, you will be able to get an overview of the data usage of your iOS devices. In addition to the total data usage, you will also be able to view mobile data usage and Wi-Fi data usage individually. The data usage details during each billing cycle will also be displayed in a tabular format. Also, the “Export” button lets you export the data usage summary as a PDF/CSV file.

Set up Reports for Data Management from Hexnode

Data management reports list the data usage summary of the devices enrolled in Hexnode UEM. The data consumed by the applications installed on these devices can also be exported and viewed later if required. There are three variants of data management reports:

  1. Devices: Information regarding the data usage of each individual device is listed in this report.
  2. Device Groups: Data usage summary of all the device groups managed by Hexnode UEM are listed separately. It includes details like group name, group type, amount of data consumed by the group etc.

Apart from viewing these data management reports, admins can manually export them as PDF or CSV files.

You can also schedule these reports to enable the admin/users to receive them at specific intervals.

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