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How to enforce OS updates on your managed devices?

Organizations do not prefer the usage of devices running on older software versions as it can compromise their security and overall performance. Such devices will not be protected against the latest security threats since they don’t have the updated security patches installed in them. Updating your devices to the latest OS version will help resolve security vulnerabilities and unlock access to advanced device management features.
Hexnode UEM enables you to keep your devices across various platforms updated to the latest OS versions without disturbing the organization’s functions or slowing productivity.


You can deploy OS updates over the air on the following devices:

  • Custom ROM configured Android 5.0+ devices with Hexnode System Agent app in /system/priv-app directory and signed by the OEM vendor.
  • Supervised iOS devices running OS version 10.3 or above. For lower versions, the device has to be DEP-enrolled.
  • Supervised macOS devices.
  • Apple TV running tvOS 12 or above.

Deploy OS updates on your managed devices

To deploy the latest updates to your managed Android, iOS, macOS and tvOS devices:

  1. Navigate to Manage Tab.
  2. Select the required devices listed under the Devices sub-tab to deploy OS updates. You can also select Users/Device Groups/User Groups/Directory Services.
  3. Or
    click on the device you wish to enforce the update if the updates are to be installed only for a particular device.

  4. Click on Actions and select Update OS.

    For iOS devices,

    • The user needs to type in the password on password-protected devices to further approve the update. To bypass this, enable the Clear Passcode to Force Update Installation option.
    • On selecting the Clear Passcode to Force Update Installation option, after an update, the device will remain passcode unprotected until the user sets a new passcode.

    For Android devices,

    • File hash is the output of a hashing algorithm. Hashing algorithm processes a file and reduces it to a fixed-length string. Hexnode supports the File hash generated using the hashing algorithm — MD5 hash, which is used as a checksum to verify data integrity.
    • You may use any third-party app/website or OS-dependent commands to obtain the file hash of the zip file.
    • Before uploading the Update file URL, ensure that the firmware package is bootable via Android Debug Bridge (ADB) sideload to avoid bricking the device.
  5. Click on Update.

The latest updates will get installed on the target devices.


Please make sure the device is sufficiently charged and has enough storage space before enforcing OS updates on it.

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