How to disallow changes in Kiosk Wi-Fi settings with MDM

Hexnode MDM provides options for allowing and forbidding adding Wi-Fi in Android Kiosk mode. The device can be made to connect to the specified Wi-Fi network that is configured by the Enterprise. The need for doing this is to ensure that the device does not connect to any foreign Wi-Fi hence securing the corporate data.

Method 1: By applying network policy

The traditional way of configuring Wi-Fi in a device with MDM is by applying Wi-Fi policy. Here the particular Wi-Fi that needs to be configured in the device is set up and pushed to the device. The user will not have a choice in the matter.

Method 2: By restricting Wi-Fi in Kiosk settings

In the Kiosk Mode settings, there are options to Disallow Wi-Fi and Disallow connecting to other Wi-Fi networks.

  1. Go to Policies → Android Settings → Kiosk Mode.
  2. Click Configure.
  3. Uncheck Allow Wi-Fi. This will prevent the user from turning the Wi-Fi on and off.
  4. Uncheck Show Wi-Fi Networks. This will prevent the user from switching to different Wi-Fi networks.

By doing this, the devices will stay locked on to the Wi-Fi that it was connected to while converting the device to Kiosk. So if those devices were connected to the required Wi-Fi already, there’s nothing to be done further.

Note: The Allow Wi-Fi option and Show Wi-Fi Networks option are available only in Android Kiosk Mode. For iOS, the device can only be connected to one Wi-Fi and it will have to be configured through policy. Here also, if the device is already connected to the required Wi-Fi there is nothing more to be done.

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