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How can I access the Hexnode MDM portal?

Hexnode MDM is a centralized device management solution used to manage, monitor, and secure endpoint devices. Admins can manage the devices from the Hexnode portal, which will be created on registering your organization with Hexnode MDM.

If you are new to Hexnode, sign up for the 30-day free trial and check out the Hexnode MDM features. To continue using the MDM after the trial period, you can purchase the Hexnode MDM license by subscribing to a plan suitable for your organization.

The user who signs up for the portal will be assigned the role of the super admin. For a super admin to access the portal after setting it up,

  1. On your browser, enter the Hexnode server URL that you have created during signup. It will be of the form: “”.
  2. Log in to the portal using the configured username and password.

The super admin can add other technicians. Technicians are responsible for managing and monitoring the assets in the MDM portal. When technicians are added to Hexnode, an activation link will be sent to them via email. The technician can set up the login using this activation link. Hexnode also allows technicians (including super admin) to log in via Microsoft and Google authentication, apart from the local password authentication.