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Hexnode UEM Integrations

UEM solutions provide organizations with a comprehensive and centralized platform to manage and secure a diverse range of devices belonging to various OS platforms. While they offer a great deal of device management features to their endpoints, UEM solutions can enhance their capabilities via integration. UEM solutions integrate with specialized third-party services like directory services, customer relationship management (CRM) tools, security and compliance automation tools, etc., for added-on capabilities. Organizations benefit from such integrations as their operations get synchronized and simplified.

Hexnode UEM offers strategic integration with various third-party services, enhancing its ability to be robust, adaptable, and capable of addressing the complex challenges of modern device management and security. Following are the integrations that Hexnode currently provides:


A cloud-based service desk and IT service management solution, Freshservice simplifies an organization’s IT operations with features such as a ticketing system, a self-service portal, and asset management capabilities. If you integrate the Freshservice instance of your organization with Hexnode, you will be able to sync the IT assets managed by Hexnode to the Freshservice portal. Furthermore, admins have the advantage of performing UEM functionalities on managed devices without ever leaving the Freshservice instance.


A customer service platform, Zendesk provides a ticketing system that allows businesses to manage customer inquiries, issues, and requests. An IT admin of an organization with Zendesk and Hexnode UEM can integrate them to find the devices assigned to a user and manage those from the Support Console itself. The support requests from the channel via Hexnode UEM will be assigned as Zendesk Support Tickets. Queries are handled via these tickets.

Check Point Harmony Mobile

Check Point Harmony Mobile is a leading threat defense solution for protecting mobile devices from emerging cyberattacks. It offers total security for corporate data across all mobile attack surfaces, including networks, operating systems, and applications. Its functions include the detection and prevention of malware app downloads, blocking phishing attacks, and restricting the distribution of sensitive data from compromised devices to malicious botnets. Hexnode’s integration with Check Point Harmony Mobile improves upon the security capabilities of an organization’s iOS and Android devices. Admins can now access threat-related information about individual devices, provided by the Harmony Mobile Protect app installed on them, in the UEM portal.

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