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Hexnode Messenger – The messaging Module for Kiosks

The messaging feature which is incorporated in kiosk mode enables admins to send text messages to the user’s devices even if they are in the kiosk mode. The messenger acts as a perfect way of communication and yet restrictive. The communication is possible only in one way – admin to user. The Hexnode Messenger is supported on Android, iOS, and Windows 10 devices.

How to send a message to enrolled devices

  1. Login to your Hexnode portal.
  2. Navigate to Manage > Devices.
  3. Click on Manage and select Broadcast Message.
  4. Type the message and click Send.

The message will appear in the device as a pop up. All the messages can be viewed if you open the messenger app. Unread messages will be shown as highlighted.

Messages from Hexnode messenger listed in device


To allow the users to view the messages sent by the admin while the device is in kiosk mode, ensure to enable the option View messages sent by the admin under Policies > Kiosk Lockdown > Android Kiosk Lockdown > Peripheral Settings > Messenger.

Peripheral settings of Hexnode Messenger

  • Kiosk Lockdown of Devices