1. Hexnode MDM enrollment

Hexnode MDM enrollment

How do I enroll mobile devices in Hexnode MDM?

Enrolling mobile devices is easy. You can start by sending out enrollment requests to a domain, OU,
user group or individual users. If you enable self enrollment option in the AD settings, you can skip
ahead of requesting and users can directly access the Hexnode MDM enrollment portal to register
their devices.
At the enrollment portal, users will be validated against their AD credentials or an OTP depending
on the type of enrollment. After validation, Users just need to tap the Enroll button and follow these
1. When you tap enroll, an MDM configuration profile will be downloaded. You will be prompted
to install it on your device.
2. Tap install and the profile installation will begin.
3. Once the installation is successful, you’ll receive this message ‘Congratulations, you are now
enrolled with Hexnode MDM.’

Can I cancel an already sent enrollment request?

Yes, You can cancel the request sent for enrollment under enrollment tab.
Go to enrollment list view > select the request(s) > click on Cancel Pending requests. Once
canceled, the enrollment link will no longer be active.

What are the steps an end user should follow while enrolling their device?

The administrator sends an email containing the enrollment link to the user. User needs to
1. Tap on the link and type in the username and one time passcode provided in the email.
2. Tap on the install button to install the Hexnode MDM profile
Once the profile is successfully installed, the enrollment process is complete.

Do I have to re-enroll a device after being wiped?

On wiping a device, the entire data on the device will be deleted and the settings restored to factory
defaults. After wiping, the device should be re-enrolled to be managed with Hexnode MDM.

Do I have to re-enroll a corporate-owned device after it changes hands?

No, you need no re-enroll the device. You can change the owner from within Hexnode MDM.
Choose Home > Management > Devices
Select the device. Click on manage and select Change user. Choose the user domain and select the
specific user and click on assign.
Now the device will be assigned to the new user. All the policies relevant to the new user will be
automatically applied on the device.

What does enrolling do to my mobile device?

Enrolling is the process of registering a mobile device with Hexnode MDM. It is the first step
towards managing and securing the device. Once a device is enrolled, Hexnode MDM will be able
to securely communicate with the device and activate the configurations and restrictions you have
set for the device.

How do I disenroll a device?

To disenroll a device from Hexnode MDM,

Choose Home > Management > Devices
From the device list, select the device you want to disenroll. Click on Manage and select Disenroll
Device. The selected device will be disenrolled.

Disenrolling the device will remove all the configurations and settings you have set up with
Hexnode MDM. The device needs to be re-enrolled with Hexnode MDM to be managed