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Getting Started with Apple TV Kiosk Management

Apple TV Kiosk Management signifies a purpose-specific, restricted environment in which Apple TV can be configured. Using Hexnode UEM, you can quickly turn your device into Kiosk mode. Advanced settings specific for kiosk mode can be configured, which enhances the security of the devices.

Enrolling your Devices

Ensure that your devices are enrolled with Hexnode UEM before you set up your device in Kiosk mode.

You need to supervise your device to enable Kiosk mode. To supervise your device, enroll either using Apple Configurator or Device Enrollment Program (DEP). DEP helps to automate MDM enrollment and thus configure your organization’s device without touching them.

Familiarize about enrolling tvOS devices from the following link.

tvOS device enrollment…

App Installation

Install Apps on your device and then setup the device in kiosk mode. You can push enterprise apps to the device. Go through the following link to know more about installing apps on your Apple TV.

  1. Enterprise Apps

Single App Kiosk

Lock down your device onto a single application, thereby restricting all other applications from functioning on the device. Install the apps to be added in kiosk mode followed by setting up the device in single app kiosk mode.

Single App kiosk mode…

Exiting from Kiosk mode

You can exit from the kiosk settings to retain the device back to normal mode.To exit from Single App kiosk mode, you can either remove the device from the policy or remove the policy from the device.

Exit Kiosk mode…

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