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Getting Started with Apple TV App Management

App Management allows the admin to secure, manage and control app data within tvOS devices. Hexnode UEM allows you to install apps silently on the device without any user intervention.

Enrollment of Devices

To manage the apps on your devices, you need to enroll your devices with Hexnode UEM. Learn more on enrolling devices.

Enrolling tvOS devices…

Installing Apps

Once the enrollment process is completed, add the required apps to the app inventory. App groups can also be created. You can add enterprise apps to the app inventory and push the apps to the target devices. Apps gets installed silently without any user intervention only on supervised tvOS devices.

Installing apps on tvOS devices…

You can also deploy apps to Apple TV via the Volume Purchase Program (VPP). This helps organizations in purchasing and deploying a number of apps. The apps deployed via VPP can be store apps, enterprise apps or other custom B2B applications. These apps can be deployed to your Apple TV via integration with Apple Business Manager.

Deploying VPP apps…

Update Apps

Enterprise apps on Apple TV can be updated using Hexnode. All apps need to be updated to get the new features and bug fixes available in the latest version. This can be done by replacing the old IPA file with the new version and then pushing the new app via Install Application action.

Update Enterprise apps…

App Uninstallation

Allows users to remove apps from the devices remotely. You no longer need the device to be in your hand to initiate uninstallation. Get to know more about removing apps from the devices from the following link.

Removing apps from the device…

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