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Getting Started with Android Enterprise Program

Android Enterprise is a device management framework to manage and secure Android (5.0+) devices in the work environment. It offers two management modes (Device Owner and Profile Owner) to manage corporate and personal devices. Personal devices can be set up as ‘Profile Owner’ that allows work apps and data to be stored in a separate encrypted container within the device. The ‘Device Owner’ mode allows enterprises to exercise complete control over their corporate devices and data. Devices enrolled in the Android Enterprise program support silent app installation, thus allowing bulk installation of apps and narrowing the admin involvement for installing apps on the device.

Supported Versions:

  • General Android Devices: 5.0 and above
  • Samsung Knox devices: 6.0 and above


Enrolling your Android devices in the Android Enterprise program as Profile Owner lets you create separate containers for work and personal data. The work apps are marked with a work badge (briefcase icon) to distinguish them from personal apps. Thus, it allows the admin to isolate work apps and data from everything else on the devices. It also ensures that administrators cannot interact with any personal data on the device.

Enroll your devices in Android Enterprise program

Just two simple steps, and your device gets registered. Get to know how to enroll in Android Enterprise by following the steps below.

Step 1: Enroll your organization in Android Enterprise

Before you start the enrollment process, you need to enroll your organization in the Android Enterprise program either via Managed domain or Google domain.

Step 2: Enroll the devices either as a device owner or a profile owner

Enroll the device in device owner mode only if it is owned by the organization, else go for the profile owner mode.

Sign up either as a device owner or a profile owner…

You can also enroll your Android devices in the Android Enterprise program as Device Owner or Profile Owner using G Suite.

Enrollment via G Suite…

Silently distribute apps to the device

You can silently distribute store, enterprise, or Managed Google apps to devices enrolled in the Android Enterprise program.

To silently install Managed Google apps, first approve and add them to the app inventory. Then, distribute the apps to the target devices. The apps will install without displaying any prompts on the device. Silent installation of store apps works by automatically converting the store apps into Managed Google apps. Apps uploaded as an APK file in the Hexnode app repository will install silently on devices enrolled as Device Owner with the latest version of Hexnode for Work app.

Manage the apps on the device

Control the features that an app can access and configure the app before it is pushed to the device. Learn more about setting app configurations and permissions from the link below.

Set up app permissions and configurations…

Restrict/allow certain apps on your Android device, thus allowing the users to access only a specific group of apps.

Blocklist/Allowlist specific apps…

Silently push essential apps on to the device when it is in kiosk mode, thus installing the apps without user intervention.

Silent app installation…

Enable kiosk mode on the device

Lockdown your Android devices in kiosk mode and allow access to only specific apps and functionalities.

Set up the device in kiosk mode…

Customize Play Store with custom apps

Build a custom app store with the Play for Work apps and add apps from the Hexnode UEM console directly to the Play for Work. Follow the link below to learn more about the same.

Design a custom app store and add apps…

Configure restrictions on Android Enterprise enabled devices

Allow or restrict access to various features and settings by pushing policies to devices. Learn more about restrictions and their applications from the link below:

Set up restrictions on devices…

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