Configuring Location Tracking With MDM

The location tracking of corporate devices is a necessity rather than just a formality. The location tracking feature from Hexnode MDM will let the enterprise to track, monitor and manage the devices from a single console along with extensive location history reports.

To enable and configure location on devices

Location parameters can be configured through policies being applied to the devices. Once
applied, these settings cannot be modified by the users.

1. Click on policies
2. Click on New policy or edit an existing policy.
3. Select the Location Settings tab.
4. Click ‘Configure’.
5. This gives you an option to enable or disable tracking and also allows you to set the
tracking interval as shown below.


To view the current location of the device

1. Click on Management tab.
2. Click on devices.
3. Click the device for which you want to view the details.
4. This page has multiple sub tabs after a ribbon showing summary of the device.
5. Click on ‘Device Summary’ tab. This shows the Recent Location along with Hardware Info,
Enrollment details and Compliance Info for the device.


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