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MDM software, the comprehensive solution to manage mobility across enterprises in all sectors.



BYOD alone sounds quite disastrous but together with MDM it becomes a wonderful solution for enhanced productivity.
The integration of all management elements

The integration of all management elements

Incorporating device, email, app, security, network and data management, MDM becomes the single essential solution.
The unification of enterprise mobility

The unification of enterprise mobility

Every device models of various OS platforms with diverse functionality all brought under one management console.
MDM Software for all industry verticals

MDM Software for all industry verticals

A MDM software helps you manage the smartphones and tablets in your enterprise from a centralized location. Solutions range from ones just managing devices to those that can deploy mobile apps, set up device configurations, enforce compliance and generate reports.
Hexnode MDM is a 360 degree mobile device management solution that puts you right at the centre of mobility across your enterprise. You can monitor, manage and secure BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and corporate devices in your organization from a single pane of glass. Hexnode MDM is equipped to handle Enterprise Mobility Management across all verticals. Be it healthcare, education, financial, retail, government or any industry for that matter, you can securely mobilize your business.
Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise Architecture

Discover true centralized management of mobile devices in your enterprise. Built around a highly secure architecture employing the Apple Push Notification Service (APNs) and the Google Cloud Messaging Service (GCM), all communication to and from the mobile device is secured. See Hexnode MDM Architecture

Flexible solution

Flexible solution

Enjoy great flexibility to choose from both cloud and on-premise delivery models. If you prefer customization over scalability you can select on-premise deployment. You'll have better control over your installation and smoother integration. No data will be transmitted or stored off-site. However if you want quicker deployment, minimal installation costs and unlimited scalability you can opt for the hosted model. Both packages are offered at the same price so you can choose one now and migrate as you scale up.
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MDM Software Key features

  • Rapidly enroll devices

    Quickly enroll the devices over-the-air through email requests or by self enrollment through a dedicated portal
  • Centrally manage devices

    Manage and secure all the mobile devices in your enterprise from a single point of control.
  • Remotely set-up device configurations

    Configure and deploy email, WiFi, VPN, access points and a variety of other configurations for the user devices right from the admin console.
  • Manage device passcode policies

    Configure device passcode policies with various password requirements in compliance with the enterprise regulations.
  • Disable/Restrict device features

    Disable camera, YouTube, appstore, siri and a host of other applications on the user devices.
  • Policy management

    Create policies with the desired configurations and restrictions and assign them to custom groups or groups imported from corporate directory services.

  • Black/white list apps

    Set black/white listing policies to regulate the mobile applications being installed on the user devices.
  • App distribution and inventorying

    Maintain an app catalogue with complete list of apps in the enterprise and seamlessly distribute them to the users.
  • Remote Lock/Wipe

    Remotely lock or wipe a device suspected of being left in an unsecured location
  • Monitor and track devices

    Centralized dashboard lets you monitor and track all of your devices
  • Compliance check and enforcement

    Intelligent compliance tracking automatically monitors your devices for compliance and alerts you real-time in case of violations.
  • Reports and Analytics

    Smart reports and analytics keep you informed of your security and compliance status at all times

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