Enterprise Mobility Management

MDM enterprise mobility management simplified
Mobilizing your enterprise can radically change the way you operate and do business. Enteprise Mobility can be a strategic asset enhancing efficiency, accelerating growth and driving competitive edge and revenue. However the transformation presents new and challenging complexities concerning service delivery and security. The diverse operating systems and countless device models add another layer of complexity to enterprise mobility management.

Enterprise Mobility Management Solution

We simplify mobility across every aspect of your business ensuring your people, processes, data and systems are always connected and optimized. Our solutions provide the control you need while delivering the experience your users fancy. After all we understand mobility isn’t worth it if the employees can’t get their job done.  

Enterprise Mobility Management Features

  • User-centered management
  • Configuration and Policy Management
  • Remote view and control
  • Mobile app distribution, update and deletion
  • Application inventory
  • Audit and Reports

User-centered management 

When it comes to managing your employee devices, the device-centric approach is not quite effective. You need to have the user above the device and not the other way around. With a strong user-centric architecture, Hexnode MDM lets you set policies for your employees and have them instantly applied to any device they use. You can easily create multi-level user polices according to your organization structure. No more wrestling with absurd device policies.
User-centered management

Configuration and Policy Management

Hexnode MDM provides an extensive set of policy controls for effective device management. From passcode policies and group policies to configurations and restrictions: you get ample control over the devices in your network.
Passcode policies: Secure your content and network by enforcing strong passcode policies on the devices.
Device configuration: Configure corporate email accounts, activesync,caldav,carddav and calendar and set up WiFi, VPN and network configuration settings easily.
Device restrictions: Enforce restrictions on the use of YouTube, camera, Siri etc.
Group based policies: Create virtual groups based on the organization structure or import from corporate directories. Separate BYOD and Enterprise devices. Seamlessly associate policies to groups or individuals.
mdm policy configuration management

Remote view and control

Remotely view and manage the entire list of devices in your network. MDM dashboard renders graphical illustrations to monitor device activity data in real-time. You can view the activity summary or get detailed information on individual devices. Activity feed lets you keep track of recent stats regarding device deployment, policy creations, and enrollment. Remote management capabilities allow you execute a host of actions from the MDM portal. A lost or misplaced device can be remotely locked or wiped to ensure data security. You can also send message, reset the device passcode, deploy apps and more.
Remote view and control

Mobile app distribution, update and deletion

Hexnode MDM allows you to centrally deploy both public apps and in house apps. You can send links or webclips of public apps to a specific user or user groups. Hexnode MDM offers creation of custom app catalogs for easily deploying and managing apps. The app catalog lets you distribute both enterprise apps and public apps. You have total control over the apps you initiated install. You can uninstall them or reinstall later at ease. For other apps, you can notify the users to uninstall. Once the supervisory mode is enabled on the devices, you will be able to install or remove any app of your choice without confirmation from the user end.
mobile app distribution, update and deletion

Application inventory

Enterprises need to have a centralized platform to manage the applications interacting with the corporate network from a single location. Hexnode MDM App Inventory provides a snapshot of all the apps installed across the entire fleet of devices within the enterprise. App inventory helps you monitor the applications, track the currently trending apps and new ones coming into the enterprise. You can identify outdated apps, enterprise apps and potentially risky applications in the network.
application inventory

Audit and Reports

Hexnode's Enterprise Mobility Management suite incorporates extensive reporting capabilities as well. You can audit devices based on a variety of attributes. Smart graphs and statistics offer valuable insight into the user, device and app activity within your enterprise. Detailed compliance reports help you secure your organization conforming to key business regulations. Real-time alerts let you pro actively safeguard your enterprise.
mdm audit and reports

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