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How to Remove Password from a Device?

When an employee leaves your organization without clearing the password from the corporate device assigned to that user, or if the user has forgotten the password to unlock the device or work profile, you can remove the password remotely using the Clear Password action in Hexnode UEM. This feature is supported on iOS and Android Devices.

With the Clear Password feature, you can remove not only the password set in the device but also the PIN or pattern used to lock the device.


  • For Android 7.0+ devices, enroll them in Android Enterprise with the latest version of the Hexnode for Work app. Activate the password token in the Hexnode for Work app once for the action to work.
    activate password token on Android device to remove or clear password
  • In profile owner mode only the Work profile password can be removed using this action.
  • After a specific number of incorrect password attempts, the device will remain disabled for some time. You will be able to clear the password from the portal only after that lock-out period.

Clear Password from Android and iOS devices using Hexnode UEM

To remove password from a device,

  1. Login to your Hexnode console.
  2. Navigate to Manage > Devices.
  3. Check one or more devices to clear password from.
  4. From Actions, select Clear Password.

The password will be cleared from the device immediately after the ‘Clear Password’ option is selected.


When the current password is removed, the Hexnode app installed on the device prompts users to set a new password, if a password policy is associated with the device.

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